Triumph of "Two Headed Anomaly": Berlusconi with Putin's brain

The latest play by Dario Fo, a Nobel Award winner of 1997, is staged in Italy. After desperate struggle to be prohibited, a controversial play which portrays Silvio Berlusconi with Vladimir Putin's brain.

Good nation can laugh at itself. A good prime-minister is the one who allows the nation laughing at him. Italians have been laughing from the last week, when one of the most scandalous theatre plays started. The main character is prototype of current Prime Minister Silvio Berlusconi. Vladimir Putin also appear on stage…

“Two Headed Anomaly” is the latest work of Dario Fo, winner of Nobel Prize for literature in 1997. “Theatrical scene can help being influenced by political scene”, said Fo at his book presentation. “My Berlusconi has double-sided brains: one makes decisions, the other denies them. This play is worship to amazing and unachievable imagination and multiple talents of our prime minister”

The play begins in Sardinia, at the Italian prime minister’s summer residence. Our President Putin came to visit him there. But their peace is broken by bloody bandito. His first sharp shot leaves millions of Russians without their beloved president. Then the gun is pointed to Berlusconi. The villain aims, shoots…misfire! The criminal is tied and unarmed. The prime minister is taken to a hospital.
Two hours later a surgeon informs the relatives that only a miracle can save the head of state. Or the brains of dead Russian colleague. Relatives agree, and soon Putin’s brains sit comfortably in Berlusconi’s head.
What happens after that? Berlusconi drinks vodka, push Chechnya to European Union and learns karate.
This fairy show was seen by millions of Italians, after they’d seen another satirical program of Sabina Guccati. After one TV program called all her jokes lies, she went to theatre stages.
Fo has experienced much worse luck: both TV and the stage shut their doors before him. Every show lead only to waves of critics. In October the Milano Theatre director wrote to one Italian newspaper that Fo’s play would not be staged because of strengthening persecutions.

Help came from the most unexpected source. Her approval of the play expressed Veronica Lario, the prime minister’s wife (who is also featured in the play, by the way). She commented: “Satire against prime minister is a game, and censorship is against its rules. I hope this misunderstanding would not spoil our mutual pleasure”.

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Author`s name Pavel Morozov