James Bond's Russian bride

A story of a Russian girl, who did an impossible thing: married a principal bachelor James Bond Timothy Dalton and gave him baby.

After Oksana Chernuha had married Timothy Dalton, envy people of criminal Saransk, Mordovia, her native city, her parents’ flat was broken into a few times, their shop was set on fire. Nobody knows that nothing much changed in the Chernuhas life since the “star” marriage of their daughter. They still teach music, still have the same small flat in an ordinary building of 50ies, same soviet furniture – and no fairy riches.

But her mother remembers troubles, and refuses giving interviews. She nearly screamed on the phone: “If you would write something, you will deal with a millionaire. He’s a Hollywood star! A famous man! He will crush you, sue you, and you will be closed. He can do all… He loves her. She is the beauty. They have a wonderful baby… And you intrude a personal life of a Hollywood star. Only troubles you cause…”. We asked her whether she probably wants to dissolve all the wrong rumors associated with her daughter, but received the same answer: “You can not imagine whom you are dealing with…”

The talk with James Bond’s mother in law couldn’t go on. So we had to get information from Oksana’s friends

Oksana was born in 1970. Since she was four, she’d been studying fortepiano. She was not favored in the school: studied well, didn’t hang out, learned music and read Chekhov. Tall, skinny and pimpled face. But by the final year in school she turned a real beauty. Then commenced conservatory in Kazan, and in three years went to capture England.

From volunteers into models
Oksana came to England in 1991, as a volunteer, and looked after an old woman for some time. She charmed the hostess’ son, and then he played a great role in her destiny. She gave free concerts in chapels, private piano lessons and worked as a waitress. She was lucky to be accepted in a prestigious cafй not too far from Royal palace. Sometimes members of the family visited the place, and it is there prince Charles’ cousin and at the same time the family photograph Patric Ansen who spotted her. The Russian waitress got a few contracts from fashion magazines straight away. Her face was at the first cover of Royal calendar. She was shot in an evening dress of lady Dianna (the princess was alive then), in queen Elizabeth’s furs. Changed a bad-sounding family name to the mother’s Grigorieva and tried herself in British cinema. First roles for the screen did not give success, but money.

Then the ex-hostess’ son presented her to one of a sportswear company owners. This new boyfriend took her to elite society. At one cinema festivals she met Nikita Mikhalkov, who brought his infamous “Burnt by the Sun” to England. He asked her to be a translator, and this is how she met Timothy Dalton…

Photo album
In a family photo album of Oksana’s parents there isa photowhereshe and Dalton together with the Clintons couple stand at the White House lawn. American ex-president and ex-James Bond are still friends.

Oksana’s friends comment: “Many went abroad, but she did an impossible thing: married a principal bachelor Dalton and born a baby for him!”

The only thing Oksana couldn’t do is change Dalton’s personality in regards to money: he never squandered money. However, when her parents’ shop was burnt, James Bond’s heart moved after her long prayers…

Oksana’s rival loves her son
Three years ago her parents have been to Hollywood to celebrate the couple’s son, Alexander Peter Dalton, 3rd birthday (Dalton paid for the trip). Right after the visit her mother’s interview was on TV late at night. She couldn’t hide her joy: “Oksana’s got a lot of friends there. Vanessa Redgrave for example. Despite she used to be in love with Dalton and lived 14 years together with him, she stepped over the personal offence. She communicates with Oksana and enjoys playing with Alexander. What relationships! And Dalton is such a cute young man!” (Dalton is two years older than Oksana’s mother). She spoke little of the grandson: “She looks pretty much like his father, already elegant and prudish. So I called him officially, Alexander Peter”

The grandfather was more emotional about him: “Speaks in two languages, English and Russian. If only I could do that!”

They brung no valuables from that trip. “Dalton doesn’t give us money. He’s got a principle: everyone should earn their own life”, confessed Oksana’s mother.

Oskana expects nothing from Dalton
Everyone knows Dalton had passionate affairs with Brook Shields and Elizabeth Taylor, and last 14 years before he met Oksana he had spent with an English actress Vanessa Redgrave. At first he did not want to believe he was the kid’s father. But then he even gave an interview, where for the first time spoke more about himself and not his creative work: “I felt what it means to be a father. Child helps to alter the vision of the world. Suddenly you realize that life is the most wonderful miracle on Earth”

Oksana’s mum has never denied her daughter lives with Dalton in a civil marriage with a contract. This contract states Dalton does only provide Oksana with current spendings, but should they part, she would unlikely receive anything. The child is much luckier: he is the successor of Dalton’s savings. However, American and British press claim there is no warning to teir family life. Dalton still works in TV series and sometimes in theatre. Oksana looks after the 6 years old son.

Reporters, regardless, wait for sensations from this family. It is known that two years ago Oksana’s sister came to England too. Media answers its own “why?”: “To find another James Bond for herself”

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Author`s name Pavel Morozov