Ten Minutes Older: The Trumpet

Ten minutes between life and arts
The most shrilling (while the simplest) of the seven is shot by alternative minimalist from the States, Jim Jarmusch. His “Int. Trailer. Night” is not a “cinema about cinema” in usual sense, it is ten minutes of rest for an actress being filmed. A girl dressed like the 20ies movie star, with false jewelry and old-time make-up smokes in the trailer with some music on. She’s on mobile with her boyfriend, and calm assistants touch her all around putting the mics on. Jarmush was able to find a point where the real turns to the made-up, face becomes an image and life’s smallest things turn to metaphors. Ten minutes is enough to do this, no need for more.

The film “Ten Minutes Older: The Trumpet” is on screen at MUSEI KINO (Cinema Museum), Moscow, December 3-7. For details visit: www.museikino.ru

[prepared using texts by Andrey Dolin (Gazeta, www.gzt.ru) and Aleksey Vasiliev (www.afisha.ru)]

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Author`s name Pavel Morozov