Tatarstan remembers Derzhavin

A monument to Gavriil Derzhavin (1743-1816) – a famous Russian poet – was erected in Ladsky garden in Kazan, Tatarstan, on the 3rd of October.

President Mintimer Shaimiev and city administration officials were present at the ceremony together with students, scientists and city dwellers.

The monument is a copy of the one erected in 1847 in the Kazan university yard. The poet’s figure of six meter height is done in classical style and put on a cubical pedestal. The pedestal is decorated with bas-reliefs of allegorical illustrations to Derzhavin’s poems. Architect of the original monuments was Konstantin Ton (1794-1881), sculptures and bas-reliefs were created by Samuil Galberg (1787-1839). In year 1870 the monument was moved to Theatrical square (Liberty square these days). In 1933 it was destroyed and sent to recycling – the reasoning was a new building construction at that spot.

Authors of the rebuilt monument are Makhmud Gasimov, the sculptor, and Rozalia Nurgaleeva, the architect. Sculptures and bas-reliefs are made of bronze at Kazan experimental factory.

Kazan will celebrate its 1000th jubilee in August 2005. In the past summer, a House of people’s creativity named after Derzhavin was opened in Laishevo, Derzhavin’s native town, to celebrate the poet’s 260th birthday. A bust was also erected. Finally, the Republic’s Writers’ Union established a Derzhavin’s nomination.

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Author`s name Pavel Morozov