Russian Jews Created America!

Majority of American film companies have been established by Jewish immigrants from Russia. Being in an unknown country with absolutely no money, they had no other choice but to come up with an effective way to earn a living.

There are many actors and directors of Russian decent in America. Many of them have already earned a prestigious title of film legends.
Walter Afanasyeff (Mariah Carey’s producer), Steven Spielberg (original-Schpielberg), Bog Margeloff (who released Steve Wonder’s first recording), as well as Dustin Hoffman, Wynona Ryder, Irvine Show and directors William Fridkin, Stanley Kubrick and Joseph Kronenberg, all of them consider themselves Russian!
Natalie Wood. Her real name is Natasha Gurdina. She was born in 1938 in a family of Russian immigrants in San Francisco. She started acting at age four. By eight, she has already been earning thousand dollars a week and feeding the entire family. When Natalie turned eighteen, she changed her name to Natalie Wood and has already acted in twenty five films. During the 50s, she was often compared to glamorous Liz Taylor. Natalie was beautiful and talented at the same time. Her personality was not that great however. She was often being referred to as “queen of scandal” in Hollywood. She was scandalous indeed. She tragically died at a relatively young age. Twenty years have gone by, but journalists and police still attempt to unveil the mystery behind her death.

It all happened at night on November 29th – 30th 1981 on LA coast. Natalie along with her husband Robert Vagner, actor Christopher Walken and captain Dennis Davern went sailing on a yacht. A major storm happened that night. Next morning, several fishermen discovered a woman’s body in red dress. It was difficult not to recognize that woman.
Many questions concerning Natalie’s tragic death puzzled police. The case was officially closed in a relatively short period of time. It was considered to be an accident.

Vadim Rojer. A son of a nobleman and a diplomat, Vadim Igorievich Plemyannikov, changed his name to Vadim Rojer after immigrating to France. Today he is known as the most spontaneous and unexpected of all French directors. He began his career path in film industry in 1956 with a mega blockbuster “And God Created a Woman.” He was the first to acquaint the audience with such stars as Catherine Deneuve, Brigitte Bardot, and Jane Fonda.
His colleagues refused to admit his talent and never considered him as a great director. Vadim was more often regarded as a “playboy of cinematography.” One way or another, he definitely had a taste for future sex-bombs. He fist seduced his “victims” and later starred them in his films.
Vadim Rojer died in a month after his 72 birthday leaving behind thirty features (including TV projects) and four children.      

Ul Brinner. He is considered to be America’s most extraordinary actor. Certain details of his personal life have always been kept in secrecy by the actor himself. Such fact however only increased audience’s interest. In 1989, Brinner’s son has published an exceptionally detailed biography of his father.
Brinnel was famous for making up stories about his ancestors, about his Mongol, Swiss and Russian roots.    
A role in a musical –“The King and I” has turned Ul Brinner unto a real star. It was first performed on Broadway and later was turned into a movie. The film turned out to be just as great. The actor received his first Oscar for best actor.
He was a terrible smoker, smoking up to five packs a day. The actor died on October 10th, 1985 from lung cancer.  

Milla Iovich (Mila Natasha Djovonich), Kirk Douglas (Issur Danilovich Demski), Charles Brosnan (Charles Buchinsky), Peter Falk, Harrison Ford, Mel Brooks, Sylvester Stallone, David Duchovny, Gwyneth Paltrow—all of them have Russian roots.



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Author`s name Andrey Mikhailov