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Elizabeth Taylor is absolutely sure about the healing power of love
Aileen Getty, the grand-daughter of a famous American oil magnate got riches, fame and privileges from birth. The marriage to the son of Elizabeth Taylor allowed her to make friends with the popular film star. Aileen even now enjoys the support of her ex-mother-in-law. This is true when people say that suffering makes people realize what kind of person he is and understand the predestination in life. Nowadays both women, Elizabeth Taylor and Aileen Getty, both who suffered and lost a lot, are as close as never before. 

Elizabeth Taylor is absolutely sure about the healing power of love; she shares love with her ex-daughter-in-law. Twelve years ago doctors said Aileen was domed to death, but the woman doesn't give up which is mostly the contribution of the popular film star.

Elizabeth Taylor says that she forbids Aileen to give up and say goodbye to the life. "I feel that medicine is very close to solution of the secret of the disease. The only thing I want is Aileen must live longer. I will do my best so that she won’t lose the hope."
This may sound surprising but Aileen is actually Elizabeth's ex-daughter-in-law, as her son is now living with some other woman. Elizabeth's son Christopher Wilding was married to Aileen Getty for eight years; within the years Aileen brought Elizabeth her first grandson Andrew. Aileen couldn't have any more children, and the family adopted one more boy and named him Caleb. The divorce seriously injured Aileen: absolutely disappointed, having lost the faith in love, Aileen left the children with her relatives and went for a tour about the world. Her passion first for Christianity and then for Buddhism resulted in friendship with Timothy Leery who became Aileen's mentor. The "teacher" accustomed Aileen to drugs (he was arrested because of drugs several times) and finally the man died because of the addiction. The "teacher" died but Aileen failed to find an answer to the question: why didn't the millions earned by her grandfather John Paul Getty, whose name is like the name of Rothschild is associated with numerous riches, bring any happiness to his children and grand-children?

Aileen Getty fell ill at the age of 28 which became a severe tragedy for the family after the recent tragedies it experienced. Aileen's grandfather John Paul Getty, the man who founded the oil empire, died shortly before Aileen feel ill. Out of his three grandchildren only Marc who married an Italian woman and became the father of three children continues the business of the grandfather and doesn't complain about the health. He has recently moved to Great Britain, assumed the Irish citizenship and visits the fatherland from time to time. The other grandson, Paul, is living a tragic life. Being a teenager he was kidnapped by some people. The family lived in Rome then. As the grandfather didn't make haste to save the boy, the bandits sent his cut off ear to the parents. Finally the boy was released, but his life turned into a tragedy. Paul took to drinking alcohol; he became an alcoholic and was stricken by paralysis. Now the man lives in Los Angeles with Aileen's mother who has to spend half a year in the USA and the other six month in Italy.

Aileen adores the mother and considers her to be a very strong woman. The relations between the mother and the father, John Paul Getty II were not ideal. Aileen was brought up apart from the parents in Italy and spent her young age in England. She moved to the USA at the age of 27 and now lives in Los Angeles. The interior of Aileen's house is simple, not that luxury that she saw in the house of her parents. The interior is oriental, the furniture and many articles were brought from Thailand. There are many icons with Jesus Christ in her house, Aileen says she is praying to Jesus and waiting for him to help her. Her poor health doesn't let her meet with many people, just with few. Elizabeth Taylor, Aileen's ex-mother-in-law whom she loves very much is one of them. When Aileen complains about her tragedies to Elizabeth, the latter cites her example.

She says that she was lucky all her life. She got beauty, popularity, riches and love as a gift. But the legendary actress has to pay for the happiness with catastrophes and terrible diseases, with ruinous habits (alcohol and drugs) and unlucky private life. "But I am living and happy with my life. I understand that life is all the same a great gift even at the times when you suffer from terrible disasters."
Aileen knows this is all true what Elizabeth says. Aileen remembers the actress was terribly disappointed when doctors said she had a non-cancerous growth in her brain; she had to undergo a serious operation. The news arrived right before Elizabeth's 65th birthday when a program of her birthday party was developed and numerous guests were invited for the birthday party. Doctors said the growth must be removed as soon as possible; they warned that a stroke, a paralysis, loss of memory and even lethal outcome might occur during the operation.

The65th birthday party was designed to be a charitable event in favor of Taylor's AIDS Foundation. It was planned that ABC television would film the party.

Now Elizabeth recollects that she had no spirit to have the party before the operation as she was plunged into thoughts about the operation. But at the same time she understood she couldn't frustrate that party. "I cannot dance or sing and the only way to collect money for fighting AIDS is to invite rich friends for a charitable party. I understood that if I didn't come for the party I would let down people whom I loved and supported. At the same time I was terribly anxious about the medical examination that I had to undergo. Once I had had such an examination and I knew it was awfully painful. But I couldn't refuse to celebrate my 65th birthday as it would seem a miserable deed."

The birthday party was wonderful, but that time Elizabeth Taylor celebrated her birthday two weeks before the date when she was born. Surgeons said it was impossible to delay any longer. In two days after the birthday party Elizabeth was taken to a hospital to undergo the terribly painful examination that the actress feared so much. Aileen Getty was the first person who managed to reach Elizabeth when she recovered after a successful operation. The ex-daughter-in-law spent all the days in prayers when Elizabeth stayed in the hospital. Aileen and Elizabeth have much in common: both faced the death several times and always won. Elizabeth encourages Aileen with numerous stories about her life experience.

Taylor says: "Sometimes my body drives me mad. There are few people who suffered as much as I did. Countless pneumonias, operations on the back, the eyes, knees and feet; I had my appendix and tonsils removed. I had the Caesarian operation three times; I suffered from a partial womb resection, measles and dysentery. Not to mention the two times I stayed at Betty Ford's Clinic for alcoholics and drug addicts! The brain operation was performed two years after I had two artificial hip joints implanted and further I was operated to make corrections to the implants. But I believe in life and will fight for the life. I am sure one must collect all the efforts and fight even when one doesn't know what he is fighting against."
Aileen says that these talks with Elizabeth are the best remedy for her. She thinks that the famous actress is a wonderful example for her and feels indignation when US media say Getty's granddaughter is dying. "I don't feel I'm dying, I am strong enough although it is for many years that I have to take 80 pills and two injections every day. I am perfectly sure that support and love of close people is very important for such patients as me." She follows the recommendations of Elizabeth Taylor and tells people suffering from AIDS: "Don't believe you will die soon. Keep the faith and be active."

Aileen is showing a good example herself: she is busy all the time. She is writing publications for the English magazine Body and Soul, she lectures at colleges and in companies. What is more, for many years she has been working on a book to tell people about her fighting with AIDS.
Aileen's diaries are the basis of the book. Aileen hopes that an honest confession of a diseased person who has been fighting with the terrible disease for many years may help other people survive. Elizabeth's daughter-in-law thinks that her project called AIDS is the business of her life. She keeps a hospice near Los Angeles for people suffering from AIDS; she is also an active figure in the Foundation of Elizabeth Taylor to help the famous actress to distribute money among people suffering from AIDS, provide them with food and medicines. Part of money collected by Elizabeth's Foundation is given to a research institute that is working to find methods to overcome the plague of the 21st century.

The popular film star is right when she says that love is a curative force: it was a surprise when Elizabeth's ex-daughter-in-law got married.

She told Elizabeth about the marriage: "I love this man and absolutely trust him. I don't tell journalists his name as I know they will suspect him of chasing after my money. But it is not true: in fact he has enough money and is ready to do everything to cure me."

The sons are approving of mother's marriage. They are very different people: Andrew likes reading, writing and drawing. He has made good amateur films. It is not ruled out he would follow the steps of the legendary grandmother and prefers cinematography. Caleb is seriously fond of sports and Aileen is absolutely sure about his future profession. The woman is sure that if she abandons the sons they will lose the faith in life. Aileen says that she is going to be useful to herself and other people within a period that the God allots to her.

Aileen Getty is still keeping her daily timetable; she is working on her book, the AIDS project and constantly takes care about other people suffering from the terrible disease that she does herself.

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