Legendary Women: Monroe's Beauty Secrets

Is it a hard job to be an idol?
These women are still the universally-known legends; their styles are imitated in every generation. Who are the legendary women? Now they are almost icons, but many years ago they were pioneers who scrupulously created their images. 

Marilyn Monroe, the woman known by her style of a sexy idol. During her lifetime other people envied Marilyn, but in fact the woman was awfully unhappy although she actress rolled in luxury and was admired by her fans. This is probably the reason why the actress died so dramatically. After her death Marilyn left kilometers of films and tons of her paper imprints. Everything about Marilyn Monroe was unique: her glance, step, her bearing, the figure, the smile and hair style.

Jackline Kennedy was known be her style of an aristocratic woman. The first American lady, the wife of the most popular president, Jackline was an unofficial icon of the USA in the 1950s. There was not a single first lady of the USA after Jackline whose image was so widely imitated everywhere. Women all over the world imitated Jackline's hair style, the hair color, the make-up and the shape of eyebrows, the clothes and the languid glance. People treated Jackline as an absolute aristocrat. People following her style had a chance to get closer to the higher caste which helped them in business and private life.
Audrey Hepburn was known by her princess style. It seems that she was born a princess; nobody would have performed a princess better than Audrey. The actress had inborn elegance that she inherited from her mother, but at the same time Audrey was captivatingly unprotected in everything. Audrey was a real princess although she didn't have this right by birth. While Marilyn Monroe was considered sexy, Audrey was admired for her aristocracy. The talent of the actress was actually great as well. But Audrey Hepburn went down in history thanks to her ability to behave with dignity in public, which is the manner typical only of royal family members. 
Madonna is known by her style of a rebel. The diva is always changing her style, but she started the career from imitating Marilyn Monroe. Nowadays, the style of Madonna herself is widely imitated; women all over the world are imitating her perpetually changing style and the art of staying attractive in the course of time. When Madonna was young she was known for her intolerance, protest and the inclination to shocking doings; but in her mature age Madonna has changed the habits of the youth for exquisite feminity and gentleness. Madonna says that before 40 she was "an absolute fool"; it is only now that she starts realizing the meaning of her existence. Now Madonna is addicted to mysticism. What else can the wild diva demonstrate us?
Vivienne Leigh was for ever associated with the style of Scarlett O’Hara. She was an amazing woman; she achieved a lot in her life, but won particular popularity thanks to Gone With the Wind. After the film, Vivienne Leigh and Scarlett were inseparable in the minds of people. The actress performed other really popular roles (Lady Hamilton, Cleopatra and Anna Karenina) but all people remember her as Scarlett O’Hara. The several roles Vivienne Leigh performed always became brilliant. The actress won two Oscars – for Gone With the Wind and The Streetcar Named Desire. The actress was married twice. The first husband gave her the name and a daughter, the second one, Laurence Olivier, was the greatest love in her life. Unfortunately the love broke Vivienne's heart. She hated the old age; the actress died of tuberculosis at the age of 54.
Actress Joan Collins is now over 70, but one cannot call an old lady the woman always trying to look younger than her age. Over her long youth Joan Collins had tens of husbands and performed in many films. The actress loves diamonds, exclusive clothes and most of all she loves herself. Joan has a sharp tongue; she hates bad taste and emphasizes her exclusive personality.
Tina Turner, the Queen of Rock-and-Roll, she became popular only in her mature age. Before that she was a back-up singer and later sang a duet with her husband Ike Turner. For this very reason when Tina Turner divorced her husband people didn't recognize her as a solo singer. Only in 1983, Tina became really popular thanks to Ken Russell and his film Tommy.  Now the singer is the queen of rock-and-roll; her voice is insured for $3.2 million and the legs – for $3 million. It is said that the total insurance of Turner's parts of the body makes up about $8 million. Tina Turner has been on the stage for about 47 years, her popularity is very high especially in Europe. That is why the singer deserves the title the living legend.  
Brigitte Bardot was known by her dolly style. She was the first to wear the bikini. She was the first actress who popularized beautiful woman’s body as a symbol of sexual emancipation. This woman introduced the fashion of oblong sun glasses and thoroughly made up eyes. It was she who was the first real blond woman in the cinema history, bit not Marilyn Monroe. Nowadays Brigitte Bardot is quite different: she believes in God and protects animals.

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Author`s name Michael Simpson