Beauties from Russia's Barnaul Captivate the World

Beauties from the Russian city of Barnaul have recently proved that they are the most beautiful in the world
The international exhibition "Podium Expo-2003" was recently held in Moscow. Russia's best model agencies took part in the exhibition, the "Style" agency from Barnaul was among them. Podium Expo-2003 is a wonderful show of fashion, style and design. What is more, it gives a chance to have a look at the most beautiful girls of the country. 

The regional fashion house with Tatyana Zhogol's collection called "Tour about the World" represented the city of Barnaul at the exhibition this year. The collection consists of five evening dresses each representing traditions of this or that country. A dress called "Russia" is decorated with a church with shiny domes; there is the Eifel Tower depicted on the dress "France". Fashion models from the "Style" agency demonstrated the dresses made of black soft fabric.

There were five girls from Barnaul among 1,500 participants of the contest from different parts of Russia. Sonya Larina, 14, was the youngest among the five girls from Barnaul she is a schoolgirl. A year ago she came to the model agency "Style" together with her friend. At that very period she liked trousers and other boy's clothes; there were just few dresses and skirts in her wardrobe. Lessons with stylists and hairdressers absolutely changed Sonya's image. Now she wears long hair instead of short haircuts she used to wear before coming to the model agency; she wears brighter make-up. Her walk became more elegant thanks to wearing of dresses and skirts. Sonya draws attention of passers-by when she walks along the streets in her home city.

Sonya Larina demonstrated the dress "France" from Tatyana Zhogol's collection at the exhibition in Moscow. The girl felt very nervous before the show as she saw lots of models, famous designers by her side; what is more she feared that other models would scheme machinations against her, as it is often practiced among fashion models. But the atmosphere of the show was quite different: everybody was friendly, girls exchanged addresses and telephones.

When Sonya entered the podium her knees were trembling. But she had to defile wonderfully. Her lips were smiling; the big eyes were childish naпve and the head was up. The spectators were charmed with the girl. It was probably Sonya who made the dress "France" so lucky: the dress won the third prize among evening dresses.

The young beauty from Barnaul drew attention of agents of foreign fashion houses from South Korea and Paris; they were charmed with the ingenuousness and beauty of Sonya Larina. The agents invited the Russian girl for work in their fashion houses. But when they learnt the actual age of the girl they were disappointed: underage models must get a permission of their parents for work abroad. Luckily, a compromise was still found: it was decided that Sonya would leave Russia for two weeks accompanied by adults.

In August-September, Sonya is leaving for South Korea. Her parents were reluctant to let the daughter go to the unknown country as they were rather cautious. The parents held extensive negotiations with the Korean side on details of the girl's contract. An agreement was concluded with South Korean agents of fashion houses that stipulates that Sonya will be living and working in Korea under permanent supervision of her employers. The girl will live in a hotel room where men won't be allowed.

Now the girl is getting ready for the trip to South Korea. She uses every opportunity to watch TV programs on traveling as she wants to know as much as possible about the country where she will live for two weeks. It may sound funny but she is seriously anxious about food she will eat in South Korea; Sonya hopes she won't have to eat frogs or cockroaches.

Soon after visiting South Korea, Sonya will go to Paris where the girl is expected to conclude a contract with the "Next" fashion agency. As far as Sonya cannot conclude any contracts being so young, the agency decided to conclude an agreement conditioning that the girl won't cooperate with any other fashion agency before she comes of age. The French agency liked the Russian girl very much, that is why they decided to resort even to such measures as this contract. French designers say that Sonya is remarkable for her international beauty that makes her attractive for all men all over the world.

Yeugenia Makarova, 18, was one more girl from Barnaul's "Style" model agency who drew attention of foreign agents. Yeugenia participated in the international beauty contest "Crystal Crown" recently held in Antalya (Turkey). Before going to the Turkish contest Yeugenia was declared the most beautiful girl at the contest "Miss Siberia". The Russian girl was working and having rest in Antalya within a week. Yeugenia was among the top ten beauties of the contest. The girl met with beauties from different countries. She says that although all of the girls represented countries with different cultures each of them was wonderfully beautiful.

Yeugenia Makarova drew particular attention of a company sponsoring the beauty contest. They presented the Russian girl with a tour to any part of the planet. It became quite a surprise for the beauty; from tens of possible variants of which she was dreaming Yeugenia preferred a tour to Bali. Now she is packing for the nice travel and hopes to get back home sunburnt.   

After the Turkish beauty contest Yeugenia Makarova was invited to Moscow for participation in fashion shows. This work lasted for two weeks only.

The girl has already got lots of job offers from Moscow. However, Yugenia thinks it is quite a problem that much work hampers her studies. She is a student of the Altai Culture Institute. The girl herself and her mother want her to have a profession in addition to a fashion career.

Irina Tolstosheyeva

Author`s name Michael Simpson