The Aliens Have Nothing To Do Here

The Circles On the Fields Are Made By Transnational Corporations
An unusual scientific interpretation from’s scientific observer from Krasnoyarsk.

Mysterious circles and patterns which appear periodically on the wheat fields of Great Britain and other European countries are probably not the signs of aliens, but cunning provocations of some found closer to home, who use some sophisticated technology to create them. This is the opinion of Pavel Poluyan, our researcher in Krasnoyarsk. His latest article “The Mystery of the Sacral Half Moon” provoked great interest among the readers. Today, Pavel Poluyan tells our correspondent Irina Petrenko about his theory.

Poluyan: Since ancient times, mysterious circles have appeared on the fields; no different from what can be found in a Russian fairy-tale: ”Someone started to walk in the field and move the wheat”. This event is the consequence of a little known natural process connected with the level of atmospheric electricity – something like voiceless lightning, spark-over of a condenser, where one of the plates is the flat surface of the field, filled with thin spikes. The process of the event is quite simple: if the soil in the form of a circle or some pattern is suddenly heated up to 100 degrees centigrade, the liquid in the root stems begin to boil, vessels of the plants burst, the heated air rises and the cold air at the same time comes from the side – the result is that the wheat appears to be flatten in the soil. 

Corr.: Who would do this?
Poluyan: It is a natural process and harmless, but mysterious circles do appear. However, after the process was investigated, someone decided to use process for a specific purpose. It is clear that modern technologies can duplicate this natural phenomenon without difficulties. Since the early 1980s some formations have begun to appear, they were different from a simple circle as they had some patterns, geometrical figures, which signified that it was the product of someone’s evil mind.

The technology is, of course, sophisticated. It is necessary to understand microwave technology. That is not that difficult as can seem. On every TV screen, electron ray draws far more complicated figures per microsecond. If, according to the rules of projective geometry, we transform the pattern in the necessary foreshortening, it is possible to draw from quite a little slope. The figure will be just like it was projected from that height. If you read the press of the 80s, you can find stories about strange experiments – the attempts to raise the productivity of the cereals with the help of a laser. At the end of 80s, I worked for the company which did it: with the references to the foreign press the directors of the collective farms were offered to light the wheat fields with the laser, the trustful peasants had to pay big money for it. I understood that agrotechnics was just a “trustworthy” legend, behind which the new technology, which is being spoken about now, was proof.

Corr.: Why does someone feel the need to puzzle all of humanity?
Poluyan: At first, I thought that they wanted to thrust some new sect on the people, “tablets” were written, the only thing that was left to do was to advertise the prophet. But the events of the recent years led us to consider a more pragmatic interpretation. The press informed (e.g.: “Sovershenno Secretno” - newspaper “Top Secret” - #12, 2002) that in August 2001 on the wheat field next to the observatory in Chill Bolton (Great Britain, Hampshire) the image of a human face appeared and in a distance – some message with the images of the planets of the solar system and a strange human-like creature. And, in August 2002, also in Hampshire, but in the different field, a new image appeared – a face of a “typical” alien like the kinds found in books on UFOs. Near the image, the stems of the wheat lay in such a manner that a spiral-like path appeared where the untouched parts of the field took turns with the hollows. That standard computer code was decoded and the message was got: “there will be much pain, but there is still some time”…

My acquaintances, specialists in advertising and PR laughed a lot, as that image reminded them of a picture from a magazine, with the difference that instead of a top-model there was an ugly human-like creature, instead of the advertised goods was “a mysterious disk”. Those “messages” have to be found some cunning prankster, not the product of an alien’s super mind product. Secret PR employees are trying to inspire people with a fairy-tale of other planets’ origin.

Corr.: But why?
Poluyan: Just imagine that in August 2003 some corporation will claim to have been contacted by aliens. It will be announced that they can communicate with them, and the new images on the fields will prove it. Such a corporation will financially benefit as the exchange rate of its shares will increased instantly and start a panic on the stock exchange, which will appear just as “the trustworthy knowledge of alien mind” comes out.  That kind of profit will cover all outlays for many years to come. Such speculations always take place: not long ago an advertising campaign about cloning took place. Pay attention, it is some mysterious sect that acts on the stage and has its business in this sphere. Do you remember the anxiety created about killing of cows, believed to be “handicapped” by aliens? Nobody analyzed the financial situation at that time, connected with insurance compensation. Or, for example, the sensation about the meteorite ”flown from the Mars”, on which there were the signs of microorganisms. One can think that meteorites, like parcels, fly from one planet to the other, “marked with the back address”.

Corr.: But your speculations are too unbelievable to be believed…
Poluyan: At first, it is not necessary that everyone has to believe in it for a long time. For fluctuations in the exchange rate for two or three days of “the world sensation” will be enough. The rate of shares of all high technology companies will drop – if there is more developed space civilization, why to worry? Second, the impressive show can be organized. Some disk-like devices (“UFO”), for example, can fly. Many specialists know that disk-like flying devices really exist – they fly without any gravitation, using unusual aerodynamic effects. We have, for example, a flying vessel “EKIP” of Saratovski Avia Concern. In the newspapers it was told that Moscow government was going to buy several such vessels to use them within the city for transportation purposes. Thus the fairy-tale about aliens can be inspired with the trustful public very easily.

And finally, I suspect that this has a global intent: creating a lasting effect of aliens being present, and from their name thrusting one’s will on people. The matter is that many images on the fields look like illustrations reflecting ideas from physics. I mean non-commutative geometries, fractals, and the so-called quaternion versions of non-classic physics. In the other words, it will be possible to create an impression that alien’s mind gives us new scientific technology. Then, not only will the public, but also scientific experts believe in aliens.

Corr.: All this is so unbelievable…
Poluyan: Why? Our so-called New Russians don’t know what to do with the money they have: they buy elephants, install golden lavatory pans in the toilets. And western billionaires have their own eccentricities. Just imagine how pleasant it is to know that you are the most cunning person who managed to show off among the humanity!

Interviewed by Irina Petrenko

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Author`s name Timothy Bancroft-Hinchey