Official Runs His Car Over Two Boys, But Remains Not Punished

Local authorities ordered to guard the hospital, where the official had been taken to

The tragedy happened in the settlement of Kolopina. A local official fell asleep while driving and ran his car into 13-year-old buy Ivan Antyakin and ten-year-old boy Ivan Kolemasov. The two boys were walking along a roadside. Each local resident knows about the tragedy, but law-enforcement bodies of the region have not said anything about instituting criminal proceedings about the accident.

The official was hospitalized with a brain concussion. The hospital's management fears lest the parents should take a revenge on him: "He is always blaming himself, we watch him all the time, because he might do something to himself. We let only his close friends and relatives visit him, because the relatives of the killed children may have an inadequate behavior. That is why, we decided to guard the hospital," - head physician Anatoly Rodkin said.

Valentina Antyakina, the mother of one of the killed boys said: "I fainted as soon as I saw it. When I recovered, I saw the head of our region standing nearby. The first thought that occurred to me was - what a caring man, he hurried to help us. I started begging him to help us find the driver. But he was standing there motionless and then said that he had done it himself."

Ivan Kolemasov, Valentina Antyakina's cousin came to visit her last week. He arrived with his wife Tatiana and their ten-year-old son Ivan. They visited Valentina every summer, because it was the best summer vacation for a little boy. No one even thought that the vacation would turn out to be such a tragedy.

That day, the relatives drove up to a bus stop at about 5 p.m. - they were seeing Tatiana Kolemasova off to Moscow. The bus was supposed to come in 15 minutes. Adults did not notice two boys crossing the road, heading to a pond. The boys wanted to see the fish there, they did not see an UAZ vehicle approaching them - they did not even turn around, because they were walking on the roadside. Ivan Kolemasov suddenly exclaimed: "Look, the vehicle has just turned over itself! A wheel has probably burst." Everyone rushed to see what happened, if someone needed help. "We could not even think that something horrible had happened to our boys," Valentina says. - "A local guy saw it all happening before his very eyes. I remember him bringing the body of my son to me - me and Tatiana fainted afterwards."

The official's name is Viktor Taraskin. He swerved into the roadside, woke up when his car ran over the two boys, steered the vehicle, pushed the brakes and then the car turned over itself. "The car stopped in about 30 meters, dragging my son underneath. His whole body was mutilated, nothing was left of his face. The vehicle hit the other boy, my nephew, and he died soon too. The official escaped from the site of his crime. A lot of village residents gathered on the road. When men put the vehicle back on the wheels, they saw bottles of alcohol and snacks inside - the bottles remained safe," Valentina remembers.

Taraskin is currently staying at the guarded hospital. If he were just a driver, he would be put into prison immediately. However, no one touches an official, because there was no decree to do that. "He ran over our children like chickens. We were a happy family, I loved my son with the whole of my heart. God save anyone from burying their children," bewails Valentina.

No one will be able to bring the two children back to life, but such a crime should definitely be punished - neither power, nor money will help the guilty. Every local resident knows about what happened. They say that Taraskin is in a horrible condition because of what he has done. Viktor Taraskin knows, what it is to lose a child: his son died in a car accident several years ago. One may understand, what is now happening in his soul.

Valery Yartsev

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Author`s name Olga Savka