Kundalini Power Sleeps in Every Human Being

Everyone can learn how to control the ultra-energy

When Aleksey Leonov, a well known Soviet cosmonaut, was a pilot school student, he had a skydiving practice. He was making a parachute drop from an aircraft, when his parachute did not open. Leonov had to open a spare one, but he could not move metal clasps. Parachutists know that such clasps are made of very strong alloys - they are capable of carrying a 1,5 ton cargo. One can not unbend such a clasp even with the help of a grip vice. However, Aleksey Leonov managed to unbend the clasp with his fingers.

People read, listen and tell such amazing stories from time to time. A woman lifted a truck to save her child's life, a man was faster than cars, when he was running away from a lethal danger, and so on and so forth. Probably, a human being possesses a certain power, which can be exercised under extreme conditions only. What happens to this power or energy in common everyday life?

Andrey Lapin, the director of the Moscow rajah yoga center, has been studying human capacities and abilities for many years already. "Yogis believe that every human being possesses a certain reserve stock of the natural power. This reserve is meant for extreme occasions only. The energy for everyday life comes with food, water and sleep. Kundalini is the most secret part of the human power that is used only on extreme occasions," the doctor believes.

In the oriental art, the kundalini was often portrayed in the form of a coiled up sleeping snake. This image explains that the kundalini does not show in everyday life, it sleeps most of the  time. People are not reasonable, when it comes to energy spending. Various conflicts, disputes, arguments, never-ending talks - they all play the role of the exhaustion factor. The natural energy that every human being possesses is supposed to be spent according to natural laws.

However, one can awaken the kundalini, and it will make an individual strong and powerful. It may happen in critical situations spontaneously. However, the kundalini may be raised conscientiously, if a person wishes for it. It is a part of the spiritual way, when a human being obtains an opportunity to use and control the ultimate force.

The Hindus believe that a human body is multidimensional. They believe that a human being has other bodies in other dimensions too, chakras, for example. The Muladhara Chakra is placed at the base of the spine. This chakra is the reservoir, where the reserve stock of the human energy, kundalini, is saved. The psychological self-regulation happens through chakras. Spiritual classes like rajah yoga can help a person feel like a cloud of strength, the energy of consciousness, a person can become unbreakable.

Andrey Lapin believes that every person can raise the kundalini and work with this power. However, it will take years of hard work before a person learns how to control it. That is why it is dangerous to make certain methods public, like some "spiritual" centers do. If someone has a wish to experiment with their kundalini, such a wish does not bring any positive results usually.

"The students of my center become vegetarians, they eat vegetables, fruit and dairy products. The human conscience prepares not to eat meat ever again, for a reasonable living being can not kill another living being for the need of nutrition. Then we study exercises to clean so-called Chinese channels and meridians, on which the energy flows inside a human body. We also practice exercises to develop and clean chakras. When I was through with all of these preparations, it took me a long time to learn how to concentrate. There are different kinds of concentration - everyone knows how to concentrate, when they drive or watch TV. But there is another kind of concentration, when one concentrates inside something, not on something. I can concentrate my mind and become something that I concentrate in - another person, a flower, a cloud. When I learned how to concentrate, I entered the Muladhara Chakra, where the kundalini was placed. Inside the chakra, I saw a soft white light. Having entered the luminous clot, I sensed the incredible energy that it contained. Then I made a special exercise, which made my kundalini move. It started ascending my spine, entering all chakras, filling my whole body with a powerful energy. When I relaxed, I felt the kundalini going back to the Muladhara. My experience let me understand the variety of symbolism, which depicted snakes climbing up, flowers in blossom, aureoles, and so on. I also realized that the awakening of kundalini was the first stage of the serious spiritual work," Andrey Lapin says.

They often say that the awakening of kudnalini makes an individual discover unusual abilities, like predicting the future, traveling in another world, moving things with the power of mind. The kundalini is the base to form the personal power.

There are two ways to know how the kundalini works. The most common one of them is to experience an extreme situation. The second way requires long and hard work, but a person will have a possibility to use this force in a conscious way.

The kundalini reserve will not be spent, if people try their best to avoid any rainy days. If a person learns how to use the kundalini, they will be able to cognize the Universe and space, they will learn how to meditate, stay healthy and live happily despite  economic or political shock. One has to learn how to concentrate and avoid irritation. Listen to beautiful music, change your environment, if it irritates you: it is better to stay alone rather than be surrounded by annoying people. People often spend their lives, trying to support friendly relations that they do not actually need. It is also important to stay calm always, no matter which problems might occur. It is also recommended to stay absolutely alone at least once a month, when no one can bother you.

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Author`s name Olga Savka