Russian Artist Makes Drawings on Sandpaper

There is no other paper that can reproduce this style of drawing

Mikhail Rydvansky is the native citizen of the Primorye region of Russia. After he graduated from the Vladivostok School of Art, he went to live and work in the settlement of Lazo. Mikhail was totally charmed with the beauty of the Lazo reserve. He loved wandering all over the reserve, going to most remote areas of it, making hundreds of drawings.

Last year, a well-known expert of the modern art, Sergey Samodumsky, arranged an art show of Chinese aquarellist Tjan Yue. After that, he offered the artist to visit Russia and tour the Primorye region. When they came to the Lazo reserve, Tjan Yue was flabbergasted with Mikhail Rydvansky's works, which decorated the interior of a small hotel in the town. The Chinese artist said that the man, who had created those works, was a philosopher. Samodumsky agreed with him. Sergey Samodumsky offered Mikhail to exhibit his works in the city of Vladivostok.

Mikhail Rydvansky's works are absolutely unique: he makes his drawings with color pencils on sandpaper. A piece of sandpaper gives a surprisingly living space to work on. Rocks and mountains look absolutely stunning, when they are drawn on sandpaper. There is no other kind of paper that can reproduce such style: a drawing on sandpaper glistens like silver. "A hand is supposed to be relaxed for a good drawing. Drawing after physical work is not good, it is hard to portray details. I even feel shameful at times: in spring I go out to draw trees and flowers in blossom, while everyone else work in their gardens and land," Mikhail said.

The brightest work in the exhibition catches attention at once: it depicts maple leaves in bright colors: "I have always wanted to express the feeling of passion to my beloved woman, who was far away from me," the artist said.

Mikhail has sad works in his collection as well, but sadness does not make them less beautiful: an old desolate house is depicted on the ground with no trees at all. A man is warming himself up by the fire, the sky is covered with large clouds. "A close friend of mine died at the time when I made this drawing. Life seemed pointless to me. I made clouds big on purpose. There is no person I loved, but life goes on," said Mikhail.

Mikhail Rydvansky basically makes landscapes, he hardly ever portrays people on his drawings: "It is hard for me to draw people. The early period of my work was romantic - I drew sailing vessels and ships, for I was born by the sea. I have had people before, but a human being is not harmonious anymore. I do not have a job - I try to be independent. One can live eating just bread and drinking just water – this does not frighten me at all. I think that a financial minimum is the best for a creative individual. Money spoils an artist."

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Author`s name Olga Savka