Anna Kournikova, Well Done!

Anna Kournikova decided that she has had enough defeats in WTA high category tournaments
To your average Westerner, Russian tennis star Anna Kournikova is now seen more as a successful fashion model and high-society girl than a top-rating sportswoman glorifying the Russian flag, although Russia still remembers her as a wonderful tennis star and hopes that her time of triumph hasn't gone forever. In any case, at present, she is indulging in tennis very little, a fact proven by the star's last statement. 

Kournikova has decided that she has had enough of defeats in the World Tennis Association's high-level tournaments. She still craves victories, but says that "one can come out a winner in lower-level tournaments." And it is just such tournaments that she has decided to participate in.

Kournikova has submitted an application to participate in the ITF Women's Circuit Tournament in Dothan, which is to start in Alabama in the United States next Monday. The prize money is $75,000.

Reuters reports that this is the "lowest" tournament in which the Russian tennis player has participated in the last eight years. In any case, we wish Anna magnificent victories — in sports.

Last week, Kournikova withdrew from her first-round match in the tennis tournament in the U.S. city of Charleston. After a series of bad matches, Anna Kournikova is now rated 67th in the world tennis rating. However, recently, the Russian tennis player got a wild card from the organizers of the German Open that is to take place in Berlin on May 5-11. And it is no wonder that the Russian beauty got the card: Her presence will decorate any event, no matter whether it is a sports tournament or something else. Her proud bearing and stately step are beyond comparison. Kournikova is the best.

Author`s name Michael Simpson