Stealth Wasn’t Extraterrestrial Present

The plane is designed especially for repulsing and scattering of a radio locator signal, that is why contours of the plane are so unusually angular. Indeed, shape and design of the invisible plane are rather strange against the background of hundreds of “regular” planes. The dark baffle paint adds something more menacing and schizophrenic to the plane’s design. Although battle technique of the West is famous for its exaggerated gloomy and aggressive design, the Stealth design was very unusual for ordinary people and even caused some timidity. It is no wonder that at the same very period when the invisible plane was built, lots of publications appeared saying that extraterrestrials helped Americans design Stealth. Suggestions of this kind were somehow connected with  the fact that 50th anniversary of UFO’s first registered flight over the Earth was celebrated in 1997. As is known, an UFO was registered from the Earth for the first time on June 25, 1947, it was businessman Kenneth Arnold who saw the UFO. But now we know that the objects that he saw were in fact jet airplanes F-84 that were secret at that period.

As for a technology “presented” by UFO to Americans, it was connected with some vessel that crashed near Roswell on June 2, 1947.
So, is Stealth a present of some space beings? An article was published in Los Angeles Times in the early 1990s under the title “Did UFO build Stealth?” The author of the publication wondered why the B-2 Stealth looked like an extraterrestrial flying vehicle. Readers were dumbfounded with suggestions of the author saying that UFO engineers helped Americans design and build Stealth. The information was published with reference to Great Britain’s leading ufologist Doctor Weis; it was declared to be the biggest secret of the US Government.

To all appearance, technology of extraterrestrials must be progressive and successful. But how did it happen in fact?

An experimental American plane crashed in October 1987 in the desert Nevada, 160 kilometers to the north-west of Las Vegas. As American news agencies reported just few facts concerning the crash, it was clear that it was a pursuit plane constructed with the help of the progressive Stealth technology. And the crash was not the only one. Earlier, in July 1986 a similar plane crashed in California, above a national park famous for its sequoias. The region was immediately cordoned off and the air space was banned for flights. Two years before the accident, General Bond, US second-in-command for new air force weapons, crashed in a F-19 plane. The plane got out of the general’s control as the machine wasn’t stable enough. The plane was designed in accordance with the Stealth technology. But, as the publication in Los Angeles Times said, the history begins from early 1970, when an American fighter brought down three UFOs over Arizona. “Only six of 34 extraterrestrials were saved. They look like earthly people, but their skin is gray and wrinkled. The creatures were delivered to a secret research laboratory in New Mexico. As soon as the Pentagon learnt that the extraterrestrial beings came from a more developed civilization, they were immediately engaged in development of a new invisible bomber.” So, it was wonderful: uflogist Weis, being hundreds of kilometers from the USA knew what was going on in secret research centers and even knew the exact number of extraterrestrial beings that died and remained alive.
Attempts to  build an invisible plane were made in different countries already long ago. However, before radio locators appeared, those were attempts to build a plane that would be invisible over the optical range only. It is highly likely that such experiments were a success in Russia.

For instance, such machine was briefly mentioned in the book “History of plane construction in the USSR before 1938” by V.Shavrov. Description of such machines were published in Soviet magazines and editions on technology. This is one of the descriptions concerning operation of an invisible plane. “Two pursuit planes I-16 were set a problem: they must take off after an experimental plane, catch up with it and keep a look-out. Video shooting was to be done from the surface at the same time. But the pursuit failed, as the pursuit planes lost the experimental plane. Spectators who remained on the surface couldn’t see it as well. They just heard the sound of its engine several times sounding quite close, above the city and above the fields, but the pursuit planes were some distance away from the place. Operators failed to videotape the pursuit as they saw nothing at all. The pursuit planes had to land soon as they couldn’t see the object of the pursuit. Soon the sound of the invisible plane was heard. The spectators saw that grass fell under the pressure of the plane’s air-blast. Then the engine was stopped, and the plane was visible on the strip again.” So, fantasy was turning into reality: it was already possible to make objects invisible.

But then radio locators were created. This made invisible planes correspond other requirements, they was to operate in a different radiation range. The principle of radar’s operation is simple: a secondary echo from some object is received by the radar input device. At long distances the secondary echo is insignificant, it can be compared with the light of a flash-light that is 20 kilometers from an observer. But modern air defence systems can detect it as well.

Bulgarian engineer, Colonel Todor Andreyev wrote in 1988 that machines developed in accordance with the Stealth program had been developed in the USA since 1975; the program was strictly classified, that is why any publications on the problem were brief and contradictory starting with 1977.

Invisible planes are very dangerous, this can be seen from Richard Cheney’s statement saying that one Stealth bomber could have performed the operation in Libya. For the attack at Libya, the USA used 18 F-111 bombers, 15 naval force bombers, 28 refueller planes, several planes of electronic resistance, control planes and regular bombers.

Los Angeles Times quoted Doctor Weis as saying that extraterrestrials helped in every stage of the Stealth bomber development. So, publications of this kind in the gutter press for the broad masses spread the opinion saying  that black triangles of “invisible” planes were generated by some extraterrestrial beings, and that humans, especially non-Americans wouldn’t cope with such planes.  But there  were some cases registered when such invisible planes were brought down. For instance, there was one “invisible” plane, F-117 among 68 American planes brought down during the conflict between the USA and Iraq in 1991.

Experts say, the cockpit and the surface of an invisible plane cannot be detected by radars, but such planes are visible from the side rather well. What is more, such invisible planes become quite unprotected when their bomb hatches are open. It is like in Herbert Wells’ “Invisible Man” where the inventor had to walk naked so that nobody could see him. Adventures of the naked invisible man were rather funny. But the reality turned out to be even more amusing.
London’s Guardian wrote: “Russian scientists developed a technology invisible for radiolocators, that was used for creation of invisible plane Stealth. It was this warplane that has become the symbol of America’s scientific superiority in refined spheres of heavy armament during the last decade of the cold war. This was an official statement of American scientist Ben Rich.” The scientist said that they came across the idea accidentally, they never hoped that the USSR would make such a present in the press openly. The American scientist refers to a lengthy technical publication by prominent Russian scientist Pyotr Ufimtsev, the article was published in Moscow in 1966. Information about invisible planes was hidden deep in the publication.

However that may be, these sombre planes built either in accordance with “extraterrestrial” technology, or on the basis of a technology stolen in Russia, they were produced and used in the attacks at Yugoslavia.

Yury Shchekochikhin wrote in the Novaya Gazeta newspaper in 1999: “I was told that Stealth’ recognition system “friend-enemy” ignored old Russian MiG-21. That is why when an invisible Stealth came out of clouds, its radar couldn’t see this MiG-21. But when the MiG-21 pilot saw the Stealth, he fired at it immediately. Later, when the Stealth was downed, Belgrade replied: “Men from NATO, sorry, we didn’t know the plane was invisible.” So, it is highly likely that extraterrestrials palmed off some fraud on America as a revenge for UFOs that the USA downed.

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Author`s name Michael Simpson