Atlantes Still Alive

They live in their underwater cities and sometimes frighten people

Everybody knows about UFOs. And what about UUOs? I mean, Unknown Underwater Objects? The Paseidon kingdom sometimes surprises sailors with fluorescent heads, devil circles and other miracles. Explorer Fedor Gard recorded evidence of sailors who had seen a strange phenomenon: “June 18, 1845, the vessel Viktoria crew saw in Mediterranean Sea three dazzling disks emerging. The disks seemed to be five times bigger than the Moon, and they were linked with each other with some thin fluorescent pivots.”

Another piece of evidence originates from 1963: within four days sailors of the Wosp US aircraft-carrier and of five escort vessels saw during the manoeuvres near to Puerto Rico shore a mysterious object which moved under water with a high speed. The sailors tried to “break” it, though without effect.

July 20, 1967, at a distance of 120 miles from Brazil shore, an Argentine vessel captain wrote in his log book: “We saw a fluorescent object at a distance of 50 feet from the right board. It had a cigar shape and was 105 to 110 feet long. A strong white-blue radiance emanated from the object which  produced no sound and left no track on water. It was moving for about 15 minutes simultaneously with the ship, then dove and moved under the ship and disappeared at all.”

Some “fire dances” were observed in 1977 by the crew of the cruise motor ship Anton Makarneko in tropical waters. “Dancing circles” were described in 1976 by the crew of the Akademik Vorobiev vessel, while the echo-sounder registered some object presenting at a depth of 20 metres. Even Thor Heyerdahl saw similar phenomena (in particular, he writes about some round heads of 60-70 cm in diameter, which did not move and looked the sailors with their big aflame eyes).

So, what are these objects? Nobody can say it. In 19th century, scientists Adams and Jenkins assumed some intelligent creatures with gills live under water, accustomed to low temperatures and overpressure. Moreover, according to an old legend, in ancient times, there were Paseidonians living in ocean who were the human kind enlighteners. The underwater civilization representatives were not similar to Apollo. 

Paseidonians are said to have taught Atlantes all science, so they even could travel in space. A woman from the city of Dnepropetrovsk who is said to have contacts with the extraterrestrial, got information about some mysterious civilization founded by extraterrestrial and called Atsor. Their descedants, who knew Solar System laws, forecasted a monster catastrophe which would put an end to their civilization. So, they built houses under ocean bottom. They resettled to their new houses before the cataclysm and still live there. While on the earth surface, only their probes can be observed, that above-mentioned underwater objects.

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Author`s name Olga Savka