The Bermuda Mystery Remains Forever

A hypothesis says that the Bermuda Triangle is a time hole</b>

Here it will go about the place, which is traditionally considered to be the most horrible, the most mysterious place of the planet. This is the place, where a lot of ships and planes disappeared forever. The majority of those accidents happened after the year 1945.  Over a thousand people became the victims of that place over the recent 26 years. However, there was not even a dead body or a fragment found there.

This description is a very typical one, when people start talking or writing about the Bermuda Triangle. The area between Florida, Cuba and the Bermuda islands has been considered an anomalous, mysterious site for years. Anyway, is it really that bloody, as was pictured in movies and papers?

A thousand of victims over a quarter of a century is definitely way too much. But this does not seem really scary, if you compare it to other facts. The number of car accidents victims in Russia on a part of land of the same size made up 15 times as much over the same period of time. It is reasonable to compare the Bermuda and road victims, since the area of the Bermuda Triangle is rather a busy traffic site. Needless to mention, that the triangle does not kill every ship or plane that travels there. So, where does this infamous fame come from?

Everything started after WWII. The phenomenon of the psychological situation of the American nation of that time period is still waiting for its researchers. The United States of America possessed a very powerful army during 1945-1949. The USA had nuclear weapons in its disposal, so it seems that the Americans should have got the feeling of superiority over the rest of the world. However, the feeling of superiority was suppressed with fear.  The Americans felt that they were totally unprotected in front of other more powerful forces: Marsians, aliens, ghosts and so on.  In 1947America was gripped with a fear of aliens, after someone saw another UFO somewhere in the States. This was the time, which gave birth to unconventional science like ufology. However, the story started two years ago, with the fear of the “omnivorous ocean.”

December 5th of 1945 was a usual day for the American Air Force base in Florida, Fort Lauderdale.  There were a lot of experienced pilots serving there, so air crashes or other  incidents like that were a rare thing to happen.  Lieutenant Charles Taylor was one of those men. A group of pilots was given a very easy task: to fly over to Chicken Shoal, which is to the north off the Bimini Island. The weather was superb, so five Avenger bomber planes took off and flew eastwards. The fuel that the planes had in their tanks was enough for 5.5 hours of flying.

No one ever saw them again. Only God knows, what happened to them.  There were loads of versions and hypotheses proposed to explain the mystery. However, they were all like a big understatement: the disappeared planes had not been found. The details of this story were taken from the investigation and publication materials of the official chronicles of Florida.

The planes were coming back at around 3:30 p.m. Several minutes later a command base received a strange message: “We have a state of emergency. Most likely, we have lost our way. We do not see the ground. I repeat, we do not see the ground.” A flight control officer asked them to report the whereabouts.  The answer from the pilots to such an easy question was really surprising: “We can not do this. We do not know, where we are at the moment.” It seemed that it was not an experienced pilot talking, but a perplexed amateur. At 6:45 p.m. Charles Taylor transmitted a very strange information: “We are above the Gulf of Mexico.” A flight control officer decided that the pilots were either confused or went mad. The planes eventually disappeared.

Reporter and writer A.Ford wrote 29 years later in 1947, that Taylor’s last words were as follows: “Do not follow me. They look like they came out of the Universe.” If there was such a phrase said, most likely, it was reinterpreted. Back in those days, people were used to saying “they came from Mars,” rather than “they came from the Universe.”

More and more mysterious stories like that started appearing one after another after the accident with Avengers. Just a disappearance was not enough for people, there was a strong need for rumors. Newspapers were doing their business very well. As a matter of fact, the truth of that commotion actually made up only ten or fifteen percent. The worst thing about it is the fact that no one can explain any of those incidents. That mysterious “something” never left any eyewitnesses. However, there could be some other witnesses found: audio tapes, radar records, and so on.

As far as the Avengers are concerned, there can be one conclusion made. The pilots had to deal with something unusual and strange.  That meeting was the first  of its kind for them. They knew or heard nothing about it before, which may explain the reason of their perplexity. They said that the ocean looked strange, that the water was white. This can definitely frighten common people, but not experienced pilots. The pilots were searching for the land only in the west for some 1.5 hours.   Then they started seeking land both in the west an in the east. They failed. The pilots made a mistake: they spent all fuel, searching for the land in the west. Most likely, they landed on the water and then sank. One of those Avengers was found in 1987 on the shelf bottom of the Gulf of Mexico. Nevertheless, it is still not clear, how the planes moved 700 kilometers westwards without being noticed by anyone?

Other super-fast flights were registered before too. All those occasions have one common fact. They all happened in some strange white clouds or fog. An airliner that was approaching Miami once vanished from radar screens and then appeared again in ten minutes.  However, all clocks on board the plane were ten minutes behind the actual time. There was not even a passenger, who noticed anything weird about that.

It goes without saying that a hypothesis about a time hole above the Bermuda Triangle stirred up more rumors and more horrific stories appeared as a result. American News magazine published an article, which told the story of an American submarine. The submarine was travelling under the water at the depth of 70 meters (200 feet).  Submariners suddenly heard a strange noise overboard. Then they sensed  vibration that was going on for about a minute. Afterwards, it was noticed that all members of the crew added some years to their age. When the submarine surfaced, the satellite navigation system showed that the submarine was in the Indian Ocean, 300 miles off the eastern coast of Africa and about ten miles off the Bermudas. However, making any conclusions about this story  is a premature thing to do. The US Navy never confirmed or rejected that information.

The friends of Avenger pilots still do not know, why lieutenant Taylor commanded to land on the stormy sea, if the planes could fly for two more hours, looking for the land. Taylor gave such an order and all the pilots executed it. It is possible to understand that suicide, if there was no fuel in the tanks. Probably, the pilots were alive after their planes sank into the ocean. Most likely, they were swimming in the water wearing life belts. Nevertheless, the sea storm won the battle.

It is worth mentioning that Marine Mariner boatplane set on to search for Avengers and disappeared as well. The last thing that the pilot of the boatplane mentioned, said something about a  strong wind at the height of 1800 meters. The victims of the story made up  27 people altogether.

The most surprising piece of news about the Avengers appeared later. The bomber planes were found in the Atlantic Ocean, only ten miles off their airbase. The pilots’ relatives said that they were extremely sorry to find that out. It was horrible for them to realize that their men died just a couple of minutes from their home. At first, there were four planes found, then the fifth one, marked as 28.  This was Taylor’s number.

The Russian and American Press Center helped to find out the details of that incredible finding. The Deep Sea vessel of the Scientific Search Project was searching for a Spanish galleon in 1991. The crew of the ship were making jokes about the mysteries of the Bermuda Triangle. Four Avenger planes were found on the bottom of the sea, 250  meters deep. The fifth one was a mile away from the others. The archives proved that only one group of five planes disappeared in December of 1945, although the number of air crashes in the Atlantic Ocean, which happened to Avenger-type planes, totaled 139 accidents.  Further examination of the planes proved that they landed on water. However, there were no bodies found in the cockpits.

The story was not over. Another sensation arrived in the summer of 1995. Specialists from the Deep Sea vessel made a conclusion of their research regarding the Avengers. The numbers of the found planes were: FT-241, FT-87, FT-120 and FT-28.  The numbers of the missing planes were: FT-3, FT-28 (Taylor), FT-36, FT-81, FT-117. Only one number coincided. The numbers of the found planes have not been identified still.  Those planes were not missing. The mystery remains. Where did the Avengers go? Where did those planes come from?

An official governmental committee concluded the following in 1996. First of all, the planes on the bottom of the sea were not real, they were models. Second of all, they were paced there on purpose, to train a bombing exercise.

Only stupid people could believe that official proclamation. The divers were laughing their heads off about that delirium from the government. Divers’ reports described the numbers of the planes, it was said there that the propellers of the planes were curved due to the water-landing. Nothing like that could happen to modeled planes. Any kind of bombing exercise is out of the question as well. The planes were lying at the depth of 250 meters. This is like shooting a target, which is behind the Great Chinese Wall. As it can be seen, the mystery of the Bermuda Triangle remains forever.

Translated by Dmitry Sudakov

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Author`s name Olga Savka