Russians in America: They are watching us

Mania of persecution: Commonplace disease of mass culture

In America, the mania of persecution and insane fantasies of ordinary people, including those who came to the USA from Russia, are commonplace. Pravda.Ru held an interview on the subject with the owner of the New York detective agency International Security Services, Georgy Kozhar.

"Are there many of those in the USA, who think that they are being watched?"

"There are many clients, who think that someone is spying on them. The number of such customers increases in autumn, partly because overemotional people perceive the advent of cloudy days more painfully, and they become more anxious.

"In autumn, depression and schizophrenia become more acute. People who have mental disabilities may not always know that they have such disorders. They are convinced that they see images, hear voices and feel that someone is constantly watching them. As a rule, such people come to private agencies after they have been to the FBI and other special services that refused to listen and help them. During an introductory conversation, I have the right to ask what drugs the client is taking. A psychologically inferior person usually responds with a standard phrase: "I'm not crazy, I have a certificate to prove it."

"What do such people want?"

"They ask to find a persecutor who threatens their lives. We sign the contract and start working. Even if after detectives show evidence that there is no threat to client's lives, and there is no one following them, they still try to challenge facts.

"People with mental disorders somehow manage to find other people like them. They gather in groups and write angry petitions to different instances. We had a client who won an apartment in Manhattan in a lottery. It was a great apartment on 51st Street. The woman started suffering from ungrounded fears. She believed that the Chinese living in the apartment opposite hers were irradiating her. When she would come home, she would suffer from strong headaches. The woman left New York and moved to California, where someone also started irradiating her."

"What kind of help do such people hope to receive?"

"Sometimes they do not need any help - they only need to find someone, who will listen to them with attention and understanding. Some of them like the idea of being the "chosen ones" because ordinary mortals do not have the "gift" to hear voices or see alien spaceships landing on a wasteland."

"Don't you think that such people can be dangerous to others?"

"Most often they are not dangerous for society, and their disease is hidden. A mentally sick person may live next door to you, and you will never know anything about their "contacts with aliens." Yet, I would not recommend coming into contact with such people as it may cause damage to the psyche of a healthy individual.

"My education that I received in Russia has played a positive role in my experience. I graduated from the Lenin Military Academy, and the knowledge that I obtained in such a serious institution helps me to work with different people in America."

"How often do you have clients with mental disabilities?"

"The number of such people in the USA has been growing steadily. Modern mass culture does everything to provoke the development of a mental disease in mentally vulnerable people. You must have seen a multitude of mystical and esoteric books in bookstores. The Internet is a lot more dangerous, of course, as one can easily find there mystical blogs, spiritual communities, secret communities of contactees with representatives from the past and the future and so on and so forth. The number of psychics, magicians, sorcerers and other charlatans has skyrocketed recently, and many of them are mentally unbalanced individuals themselves."

Anzhela Yakubovskaya

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Author`s name Dmitry Sudakov