Ms. Clinton, Stop Russian 'Bear Hunting'!

It is now September 2016, just two months before the Presidential elections, and both political camps have already managed to disgust a great number of the US voters, by offering almost no comprehensive political or economic program, by offering... close to nothing!

Hillary's Campaign is Degenerating into crude anti-Russian Propaganda

While Donald Trump is lashing out at the 'enemy within', during his dark moments that are increasingly resembling an advanced stage of delirium tremens (complete with a mad chase after white mice and promises to cleanse society from some imaginary and filthy rapists and social benefits guzzlers, that are constantly pouring from the south), Ms. Clinton is saddling her horse, and preparing the West for yet another crusade, this time against Russia.

By Andre Vltchek

The more exposed Ms. Clinton's colorful corruption scandals become (mainly those that are pegged to her and her husband's Clinton Foundation), the more obvious it gets that the Democratic Primaries were shamelessly rigged. The more empty the words and promises she keeps regurgitating at the citizens of the country that she is aspiring to lead become, the more aggressive her attacks against that big creature which lives far-far away become; the one somewhere behind the horizon: the Russian Bear!

Ms. Clinton's campaign is literally degenerating into crude anti-Russian propaganda. It is hard not to recall the original iconic 1962 Cold War conspiracy thriller movie The Manchurian Candidate, full of those "Dirty commie tricks". Just as in Senator McCarthy's era (1947-57), Ms. Clinton's aides and supporters are spreading irrational fears and ludicrous paranoia. Listen to them, and you would soon get convinced that something 'evil', 'monstrous' and 'thoroughly unacceptable' is crawling out from the Russian 'beast' on the daily basis.

Chagall-esque images

The images are often Chagall-esque, with Russian spies and hackers flying magically on some huge fairy-tale beds or carpets, levitating right above all the major American cities.

Russian cartoons and animated films are brainwashing American children (therefore they should be banned), Russian television and radio stations are spreading vitriolic anti-Western propaganda, and therefore should be censored.

Russia and its President were first presented by the Western ideologues as a continuation of 'that evil and Communist Soviet Union'. When that hype clearly failed to work (most people all over the world are actually increasingly sympathetic towards socialist, and even Communist ideals), the 'strategy' changed, got turned upside down, and the Russians were now suddenly accused of supporting 'extreme right-wing movements and politicians', including the US Republican Presidential candidate Donald Trump.

Propaganda fables

In countless propaganda fables, President Putin is depicted in the darkest colors imaginable. He is a strongman who is threatening Ukraine, the West and the rest of the world. His 'apparatus' is successfully infiltrating the US establishment, and derailing 'democratic' elections.

Whatever Russia does (or doesn't do), it is being smeared within an instant by the 'liberal' pro-Clinton mass media, which is behaving in an increasingly servile and disciplined manner.

It all clearly resembles those dark, distant days of the 'Grand Communicator' Ronald Reagan, with some additional à la Barry Goldwater seasoning.

The Russian government and almost all Russian media outlets are trying to stay calm. They are trying to argue in a rational manner. They are coming up with countless initiatives in order to defuse the tension. But the goodwill emanating from Moscow (or Beijing) only further infuriates the Western propagandists.

It is becoming clear that Ms. Clinton and her team of indoctrinators, as well as her media outlets, are trying to do something that is not only appalling and idiotic, but also extremely dangerous and imprudent - they are sticking a long iron rod with a sharp end into a hole inhabited by an enormous, peacefully hibernating bear!

Nothing good can come out of such a scenario

When provoked and threatened, when awoken from its deep winter slumber, a bear reacts in a predictable and fully justifiable manner: it dashes out from its hiding place, outraged and ready to defend itself.

Whoever terrorizes the creature - be it some stupid stars and stripes covered donkey or elephant - he or she can expect a bloody and fierce fight.

Patience has its limits. There is no reason why one country or one group of aggressive, thuggish countries (predominantly the United States and its European allies, plus Japan) should be treated differently, with greater tolerance, then the rest of the world. For more than 500 years the world had been burning, suffering from continuous and brutal onslaughts coming from the West. Hundreds of millions of innocent people have been destroyed, murdered.

Russia, like Africa, the Middle East, Asia, Latin America and the South Pacific, have been attacked, again and again, with horrifying regularity, and for no logical reason reduced to ashes.

Not surprisingly, most of the Russian people that I recently spoke to (be it in its West, in Moscow or St. Petersburg, or in the East, in Vladivostok, Khabarovsk or Petropavlovsk in Kamchatka) do not find the situation amusing at all, just as no one is finding it amusing in China, which is another historical victim of Western colonialist terror. Both great enormous nations are now being targeted by propaganda and military provocations instigated by NATO, but mainly from Washington, London and Tokyo.

Both North America and Europe have plenty to clean up at home!

While optimism and great progress is clearly visible in Chinese and Russian cities and countryside, there is hardly any joy detectable inside the Empire. In the US, Germany, France and Japan, people appear to be depressed, confused, even resigned. Deep sarcasm and nihilism abound everywhere. Despite long centuries of plundering the world, the West is deteriorating; its political and economic system, and its hypocritical 'democracy model', are all collapsing.

Ms. Clinton (and her husband) should actually roll up their sleeves, immediately! They should grab a shovel and broom, and begin cleaning the house. Then they should get rid of their security dudes and do what all great Chinese and Russian emperors and tsars used to do - go humbly and undercover into the streets of their cities, and listen to their people! And then: serve them, the people, instead of assisting the greedy traders and (to borrow the words of a great Czech poet František Halas) those "pigs of the markets"!

To attack the Great Russian Bear or/and Great Chinese Dragon will only lead to destruction, grief and death. Even the North Americans and Europeans would gain absolutely nothing from such action.

This time the creatures will not back up. They will and should, most likely side-by-side, fight against those who would dare to come to their lands with the sword.

Would killing of millions be worth it, Ms. Clinton? What would be the reason for this bloodletting: to defend that monstrous and defunct system that is ruling over the West and all of its colonies? Do you really believe in the merits of this system? Or are you fighting for it simply by inertia? You don't do it for money, do you? You are already so rich, Ms. Clinton... How much more do you really need? Should we try to set up an account, a global collection? And if we collect a certain amount, would you agree to retire and play table tennis or go jogging around some gold-pated fishpond?

I don't really understand you, Ms. Clinton. I don't understand you, or your cohorts. And perhaps that is good. It is almost as if we belong to two different universes.

I hope you will come to your senses: I hope you will not cross the line. But if you do, if you insist on going hunting, if you really dare to attack the Bear, or the Dragon, or both, no neutrality will be possible, anymore. You will force people all over the world to take sides. And you know where most of this poor Planet scarred and brutalized by the West for centuries, will stand! And this time, seriously, the survival of this damned, dear Planet of ours would be at stake, you know... The era of gentle sarcasm would be over. It would be the final struggle for survival, against Western imperialism.

But there is still time to stop. Please do!

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Andre Vltchek

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Author`s name Andre Vltchek