My wife was a witch

Moscow resident Yury Voloshin  is certain that one of  his ex-wives knew the art of magic.  Yury is not a young man now.  He graduated from Russia’s three leading universities,  he has three scientific degrees, he taught and wrote a lot, and had an idle mode of life of a free-liver.

One affair was followed by another. Some of those love affairs ended up  with marriages, but those marriages were gradually followed by  divorces. This was repeated over and over again. Scientific education made him become a sceptic. Skepticism was the base of his outlook, he did not believe anything  that could not be proved in real life. Yury Voloshin never believed the stories that were totally contradictory to what he was dealing with in his life.

At the same time, Yury acknowledged the existence of something unusual. He said that he could never even think that something like that would happen to him. Here is his story.

“When I met her, I did not see anything special about her.  She was a brunet girl with bright looks and good legs. I met her at some party, she danced so close to me. Yet, there was something special about her. Before she was going to say something, I had a word or a phrase in my mind, and I had those words before she actually said them. It gave me a surreal feeling like I was reading pieces of her mind.

“When I got to meet her closer, my opinion about her did not change much. I thought that I could have a love affair with her, I thought that nothing was going to imperil my freedom. Nevertheless, I soon discovered that I was a young husband again.  It was a surprise for me. It was a very big surprise, because she told me that she made me marry her, because she gave me something to drink. She said it was a love potion.

I have to say that the potion worked very well on me. Her name was Ayra, and I perceived her as another lovely adventure in my life.  But when she cooked me dinner at her home several times, I started being very passionate about her. I never felt anything like this before: our honeymoon lasted for six months!

To all appearances, Ayra was something that is now called an “energy vampire.” She “sucked” my psychological energy out of me - that made her feel better. I was getting more and more concerned about my wife, so I decided to baptize her. To my great astonishment, the candle that she was holding in her hand during the ritual went out. This was a sign. I came to the realization of that sign a lot later.

The simplest of her unusual qualities was her ability to find the lost things with the help of a handkerchief. I’ve always been careless, and I am always losing my little things like keys, or pens and the like. But when I married Ayra, my pens and keys were found in a blink of an eye. All I had to do was to let her tie my handkerchief around my ankle.

I remember a more interesting incident. When  Ayra was taking a shower,  she incidentally broke her favorite china cup.  She did not actually break it. She hit it with her elbow, and when the cup was falling down on the floor, she “caught” it with her eyes. The cup stopped its fast falling,  it turned over and landed on the stone floor softly, like a leaf. There was not even a crack on it.

The most surprising thing happened, when I was the leader of a group of students.  We had to go to a village in Belarus to work there for a while. I do not know why, but a day later I had a very strong desire to go back home. I eventually went home and Ayra said that she wanted to go back to the village with me. On Monday night she was walking there around the village with me. She told me that I could look at everything that she was going to do. But she strictly ordered me not to say a word about it.

From time to time she would stop, pick up some grass and kept  going. About an hour later she picked up a whole bunch of grass. When we came back to the house, where we stopped, she  tied it all up with thread. Then she took a basin, filled it up with cold water,  bent over it and started whispering something. I was very curious to listen to what she was  saying in the water, but I could not get a word. Then she showed me to follow her.

We went to another room. She took her bunch of grass, put it in the water, waved her hand and sprinkled the water in a left-hand corner of the room. An instant later I could hear a loud squeaking sound from the corner, as if there were tens of mice over there. Then I heard the patter of a lot of numerous little paws in the wooden wall of the house. Frightened, I looked at my wife and I saw her sprinkling other corners of the house.  Every time the water touched the walls, I could hear squeaking and pattering sounds. I did not see anything, though. All those sounds moved from the walls to the ceiling and then it suddenly stopped.

Our landlady’s problems vanished all at once. Her cow started eating, it started giving good milk, the lady was happy. When we were leaving back to the city, she came out, dragging a whole sack of potatoes. That was her present to us.

What was that all about? I still do not know the answer to that question. Ayra never explained that to me either, and she was not willing at all to answer any questions. Our marriage did not last long. It’s been ten years already, but I will never forget Ayra and her magic.


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Author`s name Olga Savka