Russians no longer trust the West they used to worship

As a result of the sanctions war, the West is counting losses. The losses are great, but not lethal. Many Russia-oriented companies will lose their businesses, thousands of people will lose their jobs, and the budgets of EU countries will lose billions of euros.

Yet, the economies of most European countries do not depend on Russia, except for the Baltic countries. Yet, it appears that the West has not yet realized its biggest loss that can eventually change the geopolitical picture of the world.

This loss is much more serious than economic losses. It goes about the absolute loss of trust of the Russian population in Western policies. This is something that has never happened even during the coldest years of the cold war with the USSR.

Back during the Soviet times, the relations between the USSR and the West were strained. However, the majority of common Soviet people were treating the West with respect despite the communist propaganda and ideology. There were many of those who were worshiping the West and the United States. They were hoping for the good times to come, when Russia shakes hands with the United States. In the late 1980s, Soviet people did not believe in the Soviet propaganda, but they did believe in the West.

This is the reason why the collapse of the USSR did not hurt the Soviet people much. Many took the break up of the glorious empire as a step into the "civilized world," in which there would be no wars and no boundaries.

However, during the era of post-Soviet relations between Russia and the West, the Russians have lost all their trust in the West. This is something that never happened during the existence of the Soviet Union.

The Russians no longer believe the West. The Russians no longer believe in the ideological bugaboo called "The Civilized World." There is no "civilized world." There is a jungle-law community of predators, and it is their claws and teeth that matter - everything else is nothing but empty words.

These new Russians are much more dangerous to the West than Soviet people of the Stalin era. Such people will not listen to liberal BS, they will not fight for a pair of jeans, a burger or a chewing gum. Today, most Russians are ready to defend their national interests and they can only care less about fake, worthless values of the West.

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Author`s name Dmitry Sudakov