Europe in fair train to eliminate Schengen Area

Chairman of the NATO Joint Chiefs of Staff Martin Dempsey claimed that he is concerned over the mass migration to Europe. If a NATO general does not know what to do, the matters seem to be really bad. ''The cast away stones'' as destroyed neighbouring countries, turn back with flows of illegal migrants, that can blow Europe up in the near future.

''Frankly, we're moving at a pace that is not keeping pace with that threat,'' Dempsey said while meeting with the Irish officers. The General warned that Europe's inability to solve this problem will generate contradictions between Brussels and national governments. ''This could affect stability and peace on the continent. I don't know where this goes. Normally, when I don't know where things go, I get worried about them. And I'm here to say that I am worried.''

The politicians pretend that everything is all right, but it is more and more difficult to persuade people to be tolerant towards rise in crime, filth, social tensions, and christian churches being occupied by the Muslims.

The Europeans are afraid of losing their living standards, Islam pressure, and coming alien way of life.

According to the official data, the number of illegal refugees on the European borders increased threefold given the last year, and made up record-high 107,000 people in July. Refugees arrive not only from Africa by sea through Italy and Greece (240,000 people this year), but also from the Middle East (mainly from Syria and Iraq) through Turkey, Greece, Bulgaria, Albania, Macedonia, Serbia, Hungary.

For the first time there is uncontrolled migration from Ukraine, as Frontex, the Agency for the Management of Operational Cooperation at the External Borders of the Member States of the European Union noted. Migrants aim at the most developed countries of Europe, that is Austria, Sweden, Germany, Great Britain, France. Germany faced a 17 % increase of those wishing to stop the migrants flow during some weeks in July. The total number of those discontented reaches 68 %.

Other countries suffer more, as their governments provide almost no aid to migrants, hoping for their soon outflow. Filthy Syrian boys run in the city centre of Istanbul with big bags on trolleys and look for some food in the rubbish heaps. In the evening they eat just near the garbage cans.

In Macedonia local residents fear going out after the sunset. Refugees, who illegally cross the border, beg and steal crops. In Greece the places where illegal migrants gather are befouled, and points where they issue migration cards stand constant storms. Those who reach Italy by sea, often sink.

In French Calais migrants storm the underwater Channel Tunnel to get to Britain. They are not threatened of the possibility being crushed by the trucks. In Paris about 5,000 illegal migrants live in the ''Jungles'' camp. Riga faced protests against letting refugees into the country under the EU quotas. Our country is not ready to it, the Latvians say.

Well, Europe ''cast away stones'', supporting the US policy to destroy ''undemocratic regimes'', now it's time to gather them. Germany awaits 800,000 requests for asylum, Sweden - 90,000, France - 60,000. an attempt to redirect these flows to other countries encounter opposition.

Slovakia claimed it is ready to host only Christians. Hungary refused to host migrants from the Middle East. Where will go those not getting an official status? They will go into crime and black business.

These are drugs, human trafficking, terrorism. The Italian media reports that there was formed mafia on human resources transfer into Europe after the Libyan collapse. The business should be up and running from both sides.

The most pragmatic Victor Orban, the Hungarian PM believes that Europe will have to answer 4 questions from the society, or the Schengen regime will have to be eliminated, as reported.

1. The problem of national identity. According to Orban, multiculturalism became a problem. It should be admitted, that the experiment didn't work out and a new message to civilization should be found, i.e. maintenance of European, christian identity for example.

2. The flow of illegal migrants leads to higher terror threat. What should be done here?

3. Economy recession and high level of unemployment do not enable immigration increase. Orban calls it a myth, when they say that immigrants provide economic growth. The tendency is the opposite.

4. You should stop being politically correct and look at the crime rates. Crime growth and decreasing levels of people's safety is registered, where there are a lot of immigrants. Sweden is second country in the world after Lesotho with highest rate of rapes, Orban said.

According to the national poll where more than a million Hungarians were surveyed, 4/5 of them claim that Brussels can't tackle the migrant policy, and Hungary needs its domestic rules to deport refugees.

The experts and specialists in international and religious relations predict that a minimum of 40 % of largest European cities like Paris, London, and Brussels will be Islamic in the middle of the century.

Maybe only then Brussels will put on a thinking cap, but will it have legitimacy to take general decisions?

Lyuba Lulko


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