Everybody wants to be somebody


By Romer Cherubim  

In our fame obsessed world, it is only natural for us to want our share of the limelight. Some achieve celebrity the old fashioned way by doing something noteworthy in their fields of expertise. However, a growing number of our fellow citizens decide that such hard work is not for them. Instead, they opt for the easier route to acclaim, that of associating with famous people - celebrity by default!

Unfortunately, some choose to exploit their connections with the famous in the crudest way possible - through sex. Tabloid newspapers thrive on selling the stories of young men and women, who have met celebrities in nightclubs and then enjoyed nights of passion with these luminaries. These publications make substantial payments for these pieces. For their part, these ordinary men and women manage to rub shoulders with the glitterati and earn handsomely from their encounters with these stars. What could be better? On the surface, this assessment would appear to be correct. However, these young people have not bargained for the scrutiny to which they will be subjected after their tales have been published. In both their professional and personal lives, they will be judged much harsher than before. As this judgement will be in perpetuity, it will far outweigh the material gain the sales of their stories bring them.

In a professional setting, those who have sold their stories as above, will be respected less by their colleagues. The perception will be that someone, who is prepared to sell such intimate secrets, will not be a person, who can be trusted in the workplace especially with information of a sensitive nature.

As far as their private lives are concerned, these same people will experience much the same lack of trust. However, it will extend to the bedroom as this is the scene for much of their "kiss and tell" articles. Partners of such people may be more careful. Why? If people can sell stories about their sexual activities with celebrities, which may or may not be true, there is nothing stopping them, alleging rape. The results of such complaints are possible criminal prosecutions. Obviously, those considering relationships with people, who have sold their stories as described, will be doubly wary of associating with them.

Of course, there are many of us, who do not have such cunning plans and simply wish to mingle with celebrities because we wish to bask in their reflected glory. There is nothing wrong in that. As teenagers, many of us aspired to be close to our heroes. We would wait outside these celebrities' places of employment, sometimes for hours at a time, in the hope of obtaining their autographs. This was considered a normal pursuit.

As long as we realise that our interest in famous and influential people is not as important as our own quest for excellence in our endeavours, we will be no worse off.

Andy Warhol is rumoured to have stated: "In the future, everyone will be world-famous for 15 minutes." An association with a celebrity may guarantee a person fame for that length of time. However, an achievement gained through hard work, lasts a lifetime!

Romer Cherubim


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Author`s name Dmitry Sudakov