Red Cross refuses to help children evacuated from Ukraine


Executive director of Fair Aid Charity Fund Elizaveta Glinka, aka Dr. Liza, said that the International Committee of the Red Cross refused to cooperate with her. In particular, Red Cross officials refused to provide assistance to Ukrainian children, whom Glinka evacuated from the war zone in Ukraine. According to Glinka, the organizations made the decision on the basis of critical approach to the policies run by Russian President Putin, The View reports.

"When the first trip with the humanitarian aid was being organized, I was carrying the cargo to both sides of the conflict. There was anti-tetanic serum and other medications. I requested a guarantee from the Red Cross, that is, I asked for the documents of what I was carrying. My request was declined here in the Moscow office. When I asked them why, they told me: "We do not like the policy of your president," said Glinka in an interview with Kommersant FM radio station.

"He told me that literally, I even have a live witness to prove that. I said: "Look, what does politics have to do here at all, if we're talking about the absence of hemostatic drugs, anto-tetanic serum and so on? There are explosions there, do you understand what's going on? I flew to Kiev, and you refuse?" He said: "No, we have other forms here." This was in Moscow, I spoke to representative of the Red Cross in Moscow - his name is Pascal," Elizaveta Glinka said.

According to her, the Russian Ministry of Health provides free beds to sick and injured children, who were evacuated from the combat zone in Ukraine. As many as 56 children remain in the area of the fighting - about 100 million rubles are necessary to evacuate them.

At the same time, as noted by Glinka, since the outbreak of combat action in Ukraine, Fair Aid Fund has not stopped helping the Russians, not even for one single day. "My foundation hasn't stopped helping our citizens since the beginning of the war, not even for one day. Yes, we have difficulties in the material sense, of course. Three of us and I are always in Donetsk, but nevertheless, we have never stopped working," she said.

Elizaveta Glinka, or Dr. Liza, has repeatedly visited the South-East of Ukraine on humanitarian missions to deliver medicines and medical instruments, as well as to to evacuate sick children from the area of the fighting. In late September, Glinka transported 13 critically ill children from Donetsk to Russia.

Glinka also appealed to Putin to solve the question of providing medical assistance to the children, who suffered as a result of the crisis in Ukraine.

She also said that as many as 16 elderly people died of starvation in Donetsk in September. The people, she said, were afraid to go out and were not able to cook food for themselves.

Noteworthy, the Director of the Department of Public Relations of the Russian Red Cross, Tatiana Klenitskaya, said in a recent interview with chief editor of Pravda.Ru Inna Novikova that the Donbass region, which the Kiev junta turned into ruins, was on the brink of survival. Local residents remain in urgent need of essential things, such as food, water, medications.


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Author`s name Dmitry Sudakov