Sanctions? Don't make my Iskanders laugh

In Moscow, anyone can now express their indignation over the actions of the West by wearing a designer T-shirt with a patriotic print. In the center of Moscow, near the monument to Alexander Pushkin, a project was launched to exchange T-shirts with foreign symbols for T-shirts with patriotic slogans. One can exchange their shirts free of charge.

Right opposite the monument to the great poet, a variety of T-shirts is displayed on a table with a samovar on top. On the shirts, one can see mischievous inscriptions and meaningful prints: "Sanctions? Don't make my Iskanders laugh." On the shirt, there is an image of Iskander missile systems and the text of the Russian national anthem against the background of St. Basil's Cathedral.

Designer Anastasia Zadorina said that her company produced 30,000 such T-shirts: "All of them are fashionable, nice and fun. "Trendy answer - no to sanctions" - this is how our action is called," she said.

The action attracts public attention. Men exchange their shirts right in the street. Writer Oleg Roy chose a shirt with the image of a pioneer tie around the collar and slogan "We have our own fun without your Coca-Cola."

Actress Olga Kabo wore a T-shirt saying "Topol is not afraid of sanctions" with an image of the renowned mobile strategic complex. The actress is certain that Russia is going in the right direction. "We will win because we are big and strong." The actress hopes that international confrontation will end soon. "Two such creative countries as Russia and Ukraine must be together," she said.

An organizer of the action said that the point of the action was to show the whole world that Russia was not afraid of sanctions. Organizers are ready to give away T-shirts without asking anything in return, so that people can express their patriotic position. As for the fate of the T-shirts with foreign symbols on them, designers will utilize them and possibly create an art object, reports.

The action is sponsored by two Russian companies. The bus of the action will move from one place to another in Moscow. The event will last for two weeks in Moscow, and the bus will set off for a journey across Russian regions, including the Crimea. A special part of the action will be conducted on September 29 at Moscow's Vnukovo Airport, where patriotic T-shirts will be handed out to passengers.


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Author`s name Dmitry Sudakov