We are still in WWII that America will never stop

By Nicolas Bonnal

America and its vassal-states use NATO and the paraphernalia of intimidation in Wales, near a beautiful countryside where the legendary Prisoner, starring Patrick McGoohan, was shot. In this prestigious TV series there was a statement made by a Number 2 about the end of cold war and an incoming "new order".  Well, as we know, Vladimir Putin is our Number 6.

Of course the New World Order is not perfect. There are still some missing pieces of the puzzle, such huge countries as Russia, China, Brazil and India. These countries sent some bricks on the wall of the American window. China is not Latvia. India is not Malta. Brazil is not Portugal. But being the leader of the global rebellion against American new order, being too a good neighbour and the old enemy of the cold war, Russia is the ideal target of the last, ridiculous and hysterical democratic crusade.

Since 1918 and Lord Curzon and his sanitary cordon the obsession has been the same. I would say it's even an old mania, But Edgar Poe had prophesied that modernity would freeze history and humanity.

Why such a mania? I will quote provocatively infamous and forgotten Francis Parker Yockey, a right-wing American activist, who was murdered in his jail (it was not Guantanamo) in 1959. A brilliant mind and a theorist of European empire, Yockey hated America and Soviet Union during the war. But after this war, he discovers with amazement the cold war and the sudden hatred for ex-ally Stalin - soon compared to Hitler by our bumptious imaginative journalists...

Nobody could so be more specific than him to mark the question. Yockey writes these ironic lines in 1952, during the famous Prague's trials:

That same barbaric despotism called the Russian Empire and presided over by the peasant Stalin is today the only obstacle to the domination of the entire earth by the instrumentality called United Nations.

And suddenly Russia, who wore the burden of the war against fascism, became a pariah, having to resist the brave hatred of ten or more submitted nations.

Because of the Russian rejection of the atomic weapon ultimatum, Russia found its policy opposed everywhere, in Austria, in Germany, in Korea, in Finland.

If Russians and foreigners estimate that Putin and his country are isolated today, let us recommend them these lines:

The press-campaign against Russia continued in America and all its European vassal-states.

And American public opinion, in prompt and unconditional obedience to the American press, switched over from being anti-German and pro-Russians to being anti-German and anti-Russian.

This was in 1952... The brave new American public opinion will always be a serf. And western media wars against Putin were predictable: remember "The Beginning of the End" of the Economist when Putin came back to office in 2012. The downing of the unfortunate Malaysian airplane helped awake our gullible public opinion. And resilient Malaysia was of course not accidentally targeted.

Yockey writes in his essay that Americans will try to overthrow Stalin - who died only a few months later:

Just as they constantly hoped for an internal revolution in Germany, so they have hoped for a revolution against Stalin, a revolution to return to Trotskyism and the fundamental principle of international bolshevism, a revolution to wipe out religious, pan-Slav Russian nationalist-imperialism, a revolution which would embrace the united nations and bring about  a millennium...

Religious, pan-Slav Russian nationalist-imperialism... This expression is very occurring now. Two comments: first, there is the same reproach made today by inevitable Brzezinski. The inspired nutty professor declared last 14th of June:

In effect, Russia protects the integrity of certain basic beliefs that have characterized Christianity, but in the Russian view, that Christianity is now betraying its fundamentals.

As a Christian power, and not post-Christian, like Italy, France or the Vatican (read Brzezinski here too), Russia must be neutralized.

Second, there are still bolshevists nowadays but they are not Russian. Today's bolshevists are the market bolshevists - to quote our dear Joe Stiglitz- who destroyed with fascist methods tens of nations since forty years, following Milton Friedman's ruthless and maniac agenda.

Yockey adds an interesting remark. Even imperial, Russia was less dangerous culturally for any European nation than dreadful ubiquitous American model (who will disagree?):

In the dark days of 1945, many Europeans embraced the American occupation as the lesser of two evils... A Russian occupation would be far less dangerous to Europe because of the abysmal cultural gulf between Russia and the West.

Yockey draws various conclusions.

First, Russia is not the monster that will cause the apocalypse (we have all the biblical maniacs and re-born Christians we dream of for that):

The notion that Russia could kill off the 250,000,000 people of Europe need not be taken seriously. It is a vile insult to European resources and masculinity... originated no doubt in the brain of some American writer of science-fantasy stories.

Second, Yockey recognizes the danger of multiplying European politicians susceptible to accelerate the disintegration of the continent:

America can siphon up an endless number of Churchill to do its dirty work, despoiling and destroying Europe in a suicidal war.

Through Kosovo, Serbia, Ukraine, Libya, this is what Washington does these days with the help of formatted elite and efficient transfers of ideology.

Third, Yockey most optimistically predicts a European reaction (we still can dream...):

By thus playing off Russia against the American leadership, Europe can bring about its liberation, possibly even before the third world war.

Anyway, I don't believe in this Third World War. I believe we're still in the Second World War, a war America and all its Patton will never stop. A perennial war to enforce democracy and capitalism is the fulfilled American dream.

Nicolas Bonnal

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