Young Muslim women embark on sex jihad journeys to support Islamist militants


Young Muslim woman from Australia, Malaysia and even the UK go to Syria and Iraq for "sex jihad" to provide "sexual comfort" and maintain the morale of jihadists of the "Islamic State" (IS).

According to The Malaysian Insider publication, which refers to an unnamed intelligence officer, a group of Malaysian women aged from 30 to 50, have already made journeys as "sex volunteers" on the territory controlled by the IS. Several Sunni women from Australia and the UK traveled with them too.

According to intelligence reports, in June 2014, the "Islamic State" issued a decree, which, along with mandatory military duty for men, introduced sexual duty for unmarried Muslim women.

British intelligence confirmed that among several hundreds of British citizens, who fight on the side of the jihadists, there were women, many of whom prefer to hold something, but not weapons in their hands.

The notion of "sex jihad" ("Jihad al-Nikah") appeared in 2013, when extremist leaders called upon Sunni women to come to Syria to sexually support rebels in the name of the fight against infidels and the regime of President Bashar al-Assad.

The issued fatwa cited verse 24, Sura 4 of the Koran, which tells of the notion of "temporary marriage" - muta. Muta is concluded for a term from one day to 99 years. During the period of temporary marriage, a woman obtains the status of a full-fledged spouse, who has adequate responsibilities. Critics call muta legalized prostitution in connection with a possibility for men "to be married" only for a day or even less, and the need to pay for sex.

Women support militants of the Islamic State not only with sex. The group created special women's brigade Al-Hans, named after famous ancient Arabic female poet.

The women of this brigade patrol streets to see that other women comply with Shariah laws. They often appear armed in public places, stopping and interrogating women, who appear on the streets unaccompanied, and check whether the men, who accompany them, are relatives, and whether women's clothes meet the requirements of the Islamic State.

In addition, Al-Hans women recruit Muslim girls for marriage with militants, as the Islamic State needs families to create a strong community of like-minded individuals. Fighters are encouraged to stay in their region, have children, and their wives should support their husbands in an effort to participate in jihad and educate Islamist ideology in children.

The extremist group of the Islamic State actively promotes the idea of ​​solidarity and comradeship. They create support groups, where women exchange recipes, communicate, instruct new members and give advice how to get to Syria and Iraq.


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Author`s name Dmitry Sudakov