Boeing 777 disaster in Ukraine spawns unbelievable conspiracy theories

As it often happens after disasters that shock the whole world, rumors, legends, myths and fake assumptions start multiplying very quickly. The terrible tragedy with the Boeing 777 of Malaysia Airlines was no exception. Numerous messages began to appear on the Internet saying that many people knew about the disaster in advance and even warned about it. In addition, more than just suspicious recordings of radio conversations between flight control officers started to emerge on the net.

For example, on the night of July 18th, messages appeared on the Internet saying that a flight control officer said that two Su-25 aircraft were accompanying the Boeing.

"Spanish colleagues wrote to me a while ago, and they say that the Carlos, who reported about the fighter jets, was a fake. He wrote strange Spanish, no one knows about him in the embassy, and no one has ever seen him. The man, who introduces himself as Carlos is available on the Romanian number, but he speaks fluent Spanish. It is not clear, who the man is. At the Romanian embassy, no one has heard of him either. Carlos often refers to this or that journalist from Spain, and the journalists are shocked from the words that he puts in their mouth," Ukrainian journalist Anatoly Shary wrote on his Facebook page.

There are other versions in the spirit of conspiracy theories. Most people recall the March incident with the missing Malaysia Airlines Boeing with 239 on board that was never found. One of the versions said that the plane was hijacked. Some people supposed that it was the time when the plane came in handy to trigger a provocation, for which Russia could be blamed.

There is more curious information, which is simply impossible to believe. The comments were released from the commander of Donetsk militia Igor Strelkov, His remarks appeared on the Russian Spring website, reports.

"According to the people, who collected the bodies, many of the corpses are "not fresh." The people had died several days before the disaster. I would not assure that the information is true to fact, one needs to receive verification from forensic experts, of course," Strelkov said.

"In the plane, a large quantity of drugs, blood serum and other things were found, which is not typical for a conventional passenger liner. It seems that it was a special medical cargo," Strelkov said.

It can be possible, though, that the strange findings belonged to a group of AIDS researchers, who were traveling for a conference in Melbourne, Australia.

Strelkov also said that he talked to the people, who were collecting the fragments of the bodies soon after the plane crashed. According to them, there was very strong stench coming from the bodies.

"That smell could not appear in any weather, in 30 minutes, and yesterday, the weather was not hot, it was cloudy," he said. As for the pilots, their blood was all over the cockpit. "The whole cockpit was literally flooded with their blood," said Strelkov.

Of course, all of these "suspicious" assumptions do not seem to correspond to reliable evidence saying that the passengers were alive as they were boarding the plane. Some of them even uploaded videos and tweets on the Internet.

Forensic experts will undoubtedly be able to establish the time of the death of the passengers and the pilots of the Boeing. However, the fact that their passports that were collected from the ground after the crash turned out to be clean, as if they just came from the press, can not but raise eyebrows.

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Author`s name Dmitry Sudakov