In Ukraine, human organs don't stink

Shocking information appeared on the social networks saying that the militia from Slavyansk found hundreds of corpses of National Guard soldiers during a night reconnaissance operation. The soldiers had had their stomachs ripped open and internal organs removed. In addition, the people living in the troubled territories, have seen well-equipped ambulance vehicles, armored cash collection vans and other special vehicles near hospitals of the Ukrainian army.

Employees of international airports, for example, in Boryspil, said that there were many small aircraft chartered to transport special refrigerators that are used for  transporting human organs.

It is quite possible that such messages are fake propaganda news bits aimed at denigrating the Ukrainian authorities. However, there are serious doubts about the ability of Ukrainian medicine to save the lives of wounded military men. After all, there is no constitutionally guaranteed free medical treatment at hospitals. Patients and their families must pay for everything.

Of course, in any army of a normal state, wounded soldiers receive medical treatment free of charge, even in the citadel of "market" medicine with ultra-high tariffs - the USA. In the "new" Ukrainian army, there is not enough money for uniforms, food and equipment, let alone medicine. Many wounded Ukrainian military men are taken to city hospitals of the Kharkiv and Dnepropetrovsk regions, where there is nothing but corruption and empty medical budgets.

A couple of weeks ago, a message was posted in pro-Maidan social networks saying that the wife of a wounded National Guard soldier was selling her apartment to collect $5,000 for surgery.

As long as there is no system to register the number of victims, it seems easiest for the Kiev authorities to write off the killed without any problems. Who is going to try to establish the cause of death of every soldier? No one.

And then a new temptation arises: "Why waste the goods?" It goes about internal organs that can be removed for transplantation for wealthy patients overseas. A surgery to transplant liver costs 50,000 dollars; a new heart costs $250,000. The prime costs of internal organs in Ukraine is about 2-3 thousand dollars.

In European and American clinics, patients queue for suitable donors. Hospitals can legally use victims of road accidents, whose brain is dead, but body is still functioning. This source is too sparse to give hope to all patients in need.

Therefore, they are offered the services of "black transplantology." The people involved in this business can do either fairly honest work (if the term can be applicable here at all) or engage in frank lawlessness. In the first variant, they look for volunteers, whom they promise a certain amount of money for the agreement to sell an organ - a kidney, for example. This sum, of course, is a lot smaller than what a criminal group will receive from the buyer. The second option is about free harvesting of organs from victims of armed conflicts, kidnappings, etc.

In this regard, "fighters for the freedom of Kosovo," led by current Prime Minister Hashim Thaci, were especially infamous. They were selling kidneys, livers and hearts of Serbian boys and girls. Prosecutor of the International Criminal Tribunal in The Hague, Carla del Ponte, even wrote a book about it, when she resigned.

One may notice that the situation in Ukraine reminds that in Kosovo. On the one hand, local transplantation medicine is developed well, although it is implicated in never-ending scandals. In 1998, for example, the head physician at Children's Hospital of Lviv, Bogdan Fedak, was convicted of actual trafficking of children, who were sent to the West as human organs. A few years ago, several doctors from the Surgical Institute named after Shalimov had to go on trial. The doctors would travel to Azerbaijan (where "commercial" transplantation is allowed) to conduct adequate surgeries on natives of Ukraine and Moldova.

After the successful Maidan coup in Ukraine, "black transplantology" began to develop quickly. Immediately after coming to power, the junta captured the city crematorium in Kiev. Even the "orange" media explained it with a need to burn the bodies of their enemies.

Ukraine has virtually no resources now. Industrial production has dropped by 20 percent, wages and pensions can hardly be paid, IMF gives teaspoonfuls of loans under onerous conditions, but they are not even enough to pay for Russian gas supplies.

Yet, a dead body can bring hundreds of thousands of dollars. Well, this is just a bonanza! Is there an issue of international public opinion? In the "democratic West," it is so very well manipulated that one may not take it seriously. After all, no American citizen, when buying another iPhone, is tormented by remorse about the fact that a young Bangladeshi has to work hard for ten years to collect the amount that equals the price of the new phone. Washington did not make a scandal out of Kosovo human trafficking. Moreover, NATO air bases were used in the transportation of the "goods."

And, most importantly, in the minds of the so-called Ukrainian "elite," no moral brakes have been left, except for the cynical "money does not stink." If they can bomb their own cities, shoot civilians, women and children in the streets, what prevents them from selling human organs? Fascism is fascism everywhere.

Yuri Nosovsky

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Author`s name Dmitry Sudakov