Space Doctors to the Rescue - 27 September, 2002

You have probably already heard about incidents when extraterrestrials took people on board space ships for special treatment. Publications about people being cured of even extremely grave diseases have become regular since. 
Several years ago, Bert Twiggs from the city of Hubbert caught a severe cold, and his wife planned to send for a doctor in the morning. However, the diseased was successfully cured without the help of doctors.
The sick man later said that when he and his wife went to bed, they saw very strange lights in the room. “Then I felt my body becoming constrained and uncontrollable. I then heard some ringing in my ears and lost my conscience. I vaguely remember figures with unhuman faces. I felt neither pain nor fear, and I couldn’t react to everything going on by my side. I woke up in my own bed in the morning and went to the office, which was quite natural, as my health was wonderful. When I glanced at my hand, I saw a distinct injection mark on it. It was then that I remembered that I was on board the UFO and aliens gave me an injection.”
We also heard of cases when aliens have cured fevers, infections, chronic back pains, cancer, and heart and kidney diseases; they even sometimes remove scars.

One of the earliest registered incidents occurred in the French Alps in 1968. A doctor suffering from partial paralysis fell and seriously injured his knee. His little son saw blood and burst into tears. Suddenly, the sky was lit with a myriad of lights. The man looked out of the window and saw two luminous red and white disks hover above his house. Then, the disks merged and the UFO shot a ray of bright light at the doctor. After that, the UFO disappeared, taking the paralysis and the leg wound away.

There is another story about a woman who had to undergo an operation to remove a tumor in December 1994.  The woman was driving her car a day before the operation, and her son was with her in the car. They suddenly saw a three-cornered UFO in the sky. The woman and the boy observed it for several seconds, after which the object suddenly disappeared. The same night, the woman woke up because of pain in her bosom and lost conscience. The next morning, the woman went to the hospital, as that was the day when she had to undergo the operation. Surgeons were extremely surprised to see that the cancerous growth vanished! They could neither see it in the roentgenogram nor palpate it, although it was seen perfectly visible in the roentgenogram made previously.  
And stories of this kind are already very common. It must be said that the number of seriously diseased people who cured by UFOs is not so great. However, this is not a reason to give up hope for miraculous healing. You may still find help from talented doctors or sorcerers, or perhaps take a ride on a UFO. In any case, even if your space doctor doesn't arrive, it is better to continue living with ope than to be panic-sticken and envious of those in better health than you. 

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Author`s name Michael Simpson