The West makes children hate Sochi Olympics

A Russian blogger wrote:

"Eleven-year-old son of our relatives, based in Winnipeg, was given homework at school to write an essay on the subject of "Why the Olympics should not be held in Russia." When I heard that I had the feeling that someone put a screwdriver into my head. I did not even expect and it never occurred to me that such issues are discussed in schools in Canada.

"To say that I did not like the idea would not mean anything at all. Of course, as a  Russian woman and an adult, I know what one can write on this subject. But I can never imagine how a little boy, who has never been to Russia, could make up such a story.

"My jaw dropped when I heard the answer. The boy wrote himself, without parental tips, that the Olympics should not be held in Russia due to "the infringement of rights and freedoms of the people with a non-traditional sexual orientation." My brain needed a reboot. Where did the child heard that from? The answer was simple: the topic is openly discussed at school."

Another blogger wrote:

"There is a children's television channel in Germany, called KiKa. The channel airs cartoons, often Soviet ones, as well as all sorts of educational programs. The channel belongs to the first and second public channels in Germany, where each family pays 17,98 euros per month for the pleasure of watching public television. Like any public channel, KiKa pays great attention to educating the public, particularly children of primary school age. The channel has a special news program for them, called Logo.

"This program often talks about Russia and never loses an opportunity to call Putin a dictator and mention such fighters against the bloody regime as Mr. Navalny, Pussy Riot, opposition activists or homosexuals. Yesterday, young viewers were able to learn lot about the Olympics in Sochi from the program. "Sochi is a city in Russia. The Russian President is Vladimir Putin, who does not always observes human rights in his country. Many critics say that Putin's opponents can not freely express their opinions, and if they do, then they should expect that they would be mistreated or even put in jail. Others do not like the way homosexuals are treated in Russia - men who love men and women who love women. Vladimir Putin and many other people in the country believe this is abnormal. Homosexuals are not allowed to get married in Russia, nor can one speak positively about homosexuality in public, or write about it on the Internet. Those who do it should keep in mind the fact that they can be punished for it. Vladimir Putin is standing behind all this.

"Many athletes went to the Olympics in Sochi with mixed feelings. On the one hand, they believe that it's bad that Russia does not always respect human rights. On the other hand, they just want to be successful in their sport. Others, however, believe that sport and politics do not have anything in common."

As we can see, the above is a perfect example to prove that the Olympic Games is a "soft-power weapon" in the multipolar world. The Olympics , as any other major international event, means huge investments, the development of economic ties and the accumulation of political weight. This is a gigantic event that billions of people watch, that all publications of the world write and speak about, and the media response from every Olympic event may last for decades.

It is shocking that Western countries conduct open propaganda among children, whom are very easy to manipulate. When these children grow up, they will preserve their programmed attitude to Russia and spread it among others.

Can you imagine what would happen in international press, if Russian schools (or even private schools) offered children to write essays of the subject "why America does not deserve the right to exist?"

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Author`s name Dmitry Sudakov