What makes Americans eat cockroaches?

There are no limits to human imagination. Curious sophisticated minds may come up with things that would make the entire global computer system freeze in horror. In Florida, a competition on eating live cockroaches was held. The winner of the competition died shortly after the announcement of the results. The organizers assured that cockroaches were clean.

The contest was held on October 10 at a pet store in the American town of Deerfield Beach. When the results were announced, 32-year-old local resident Edward Archbold who managed to eat the largest number of cockroaches and worms felt sick. He went outside and fainted. He was transported to a hospital, but the doctors' efforts were unsuccessful and the man was not saved. The cause of his death will be determined by an autopsy. 

30 contesters participated in the competition. It was not reported whether they have had a psychiatric examination prior to the contest. According to the police, the stomachs of other participants of the contest showed no signs of discomfort.  

The pet store that organized the competition assured that all insects consumed by the contestants were specially grown as food for reptiles and are completely safe. Unfortunately, experts on "healthy" food failed to take into account the difference between the human and reptile's stomach.

The winner was to be presented with a python that he was going to sell to a friend, BBCRussian.com reported. Who will get the grand prize remains unknown. 

Interestingly, the United States is not the only country that organizes such deathly but curious contests.

Something similar happened in the Soviet Union. Imagine the times of Gorbachev's dry law, mid-1980s, a crew of a Soviet submarine that returned from Atlantic, where the submarine successfully guarded the "decaying capitalism."  

When all business discussions were over, a traditional gathering dedicated to the completion of the trip commenced. Then the head officer had an idea to brighten the impending drunken bash with an exciting game.  

The rules of the game were the following: the participants sitting at a round table were poured drinks from different vessels. Some vessels contained pure alcohol, others - tap water. Someone would make a toast, all would drink up. The one who would get alcohol would naturally make a face and start frantically looking for a glass of water to chase the alcohol. Medical support was provided by a ship doctor with an enema and potassium permanganate in hand.

First round. A torpedo manager who was also the only member and chairman of the jury, poured the drinks. The first toast was short, to "the victory of Soviet weapons." All simultaneously drank and no one reached out for the water, no one dropped a tear, as if they all had a glass of water.  

The second toast was to the ladies. The third one was to those at sea. There was no trace of tears, no one was searching for water, no one even touched the chasers. No one dropped out of the competition. Then there was round four followed by rounds five and six. The doctor, concerned about his staff, stopped the game.

Bobbing on the waves, the submariners "emerged" from the table in a very "interesting" condition. It turned out that the villain in the jury played a joke, and poured alcohol not to one sailor, but everyone at once. The team endured the hardship so as not to cast a shadow on their unit. So who was the winner? It was decided that everyone won. 

The contestants marched home thinking that the unusual contest ended with a "happy ending," with no casualties. However, their supervisor found out about the contest and immediately complained to the commander. The commander scratched his head and said that it was time to establish a tradition of holding a fun contest upon every return from a long trip. The goal of the contest was to eat the most pies baked by the ship cook. 

The officers, who took part in the previous contest, had to consume pies with undercooked meat and dried plums with undisguised disgust. Doctor's help was requested on the third minute of the contest. The joker- torpedo manager choked on a fish bone from a pie with dried fruits. This was the end of the competition. Unlike in the insects eating contest in the US, there were no casualties.  

Andrei Mikhailov


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Author`s name Dmitry Sudakov