Where can you be happy with 20 euros in your pocket?

An American magazine conducted a study to find out what one can purchase in different European countries, having only 20 euros in a pocket. The price difference (even taking account of the quality of goods) is striking. In Slovenia, 20 euros would be enough to buy 43 rides by public transport. In the Netherlands, the number of rides is much smaller - only eight. The results of the study also determined the most expensive country in the eurozone.

Business Insider magazine conducted the research in 17 EU countries in order to find out what you could buy for 20 euros in different countries of "old Europe." Portugal takes the lead in terms of cheap food and alcohol drinks. In Portugal, this money can buy you five times more cups of coffee than in Greece and three times more beer than in Slovenia. In Slovenia, though, ladies can get 19 pairs of stockings, while in Belgium, the same amount would buy 4 pairs. Buses are also cheaper in Slovenia. In this country, 20 euros can give you 43 rides by public transport, and only eight rides in the Netherlands.

If you urgently needed a taxi, and you have 20 euros in your pocket - in Portugal this is not a problem at all. In Portugal, 20 euros can take you 23 kilometers far from where you catch your cab. In the Netherlands, the cab may stop after 7,2 km, if you have no more cash. The cheapest European taxi can be found on the roads of Bulgaria, although the country is not a part of the eurozone. Twenty euros will take you for a ride for 69,4 km.

While women in Slovenia do shopping, men can have a beer or two. It is better to buy it in supermarkets - as much 20 liters for 20 euros. The author of this article, who went for a vacation to Italy, could drink 6 liters with that amount.

If you want to enjoy beer in a bar in Slovenia, you will be able to drink six glasses (0.2 - 0.35 liters). But in Portugal, 20 euros can buy you 24 glasses of beer and 20 bottles (0.75 liters) of red wine. In Italy, you can get only five. Cheese lovers can go to Belgium to enjoy the delicious product. Cheese prices in Slovenia are almost twice as high (3 kg vs. 1.6 kg). In Ireland, you will be able to go to the cinema with your girlfriend once, in Slovenia - 7-8 times (on weekdays).

As for tobacco, in Estonia, 20 euros can buy you a whole block of cigarettes. In Ireland, this money would be enough for three packs at best.

In Malta, with 20 euros in your pocket, you will be able to buy a whole stack of 30 newspapers. The same 20 euros in Cyprus will give you only 11 newspapers. However, in the UK, where there is no euro, an equivalent to 20 euros can buy you 57 periodicals.

Tea is the cheapest in Malta, where for 20 euros you can have 704 teabags, but in Austria, for example, you will have 242 bags. Ireland turned out to be the most "expensive" country in the eurozone. With 20 euros, you can buy 7 packs of eggs, whereas in Malta - 16.

In Germany, 20 euros will buy you a bottle (0.7) of five-year-old Fernandes Dark Rum (40 degrees). You will have some change left to get a bottle (0.7 too) of Old Pascas Ron Blanco White Rum (37.5 degrees).

Why do people buy different qualities of goods for one and the same amount of money and for the same currency? The quality of products plays its role, of course, but it is the market that sets the rules. The situation in Russia is the same.

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Author`s name Dmitry Sudakov