Lady Gaga and roaring agenda of Illuminati

 LUCIFER. Talk not of Paradise or creation; but mark the show. -- Go, Mephistopheles, and fetch them in.

Faust, Marlowe

By Nicolas Bonnal

As Robert Reich, a former Bill Clinton's counselor said once, we are ruled by the symbols' manipulators; computer science just served this purpose. We are in the hands of the magi. And what characterizes an audience in front of a magus is that she stays eyes wide shut.

Take modern subculture: it makes no difference between Satanism and pop-culture, and it is mainly antichristian, as I observed recently. This is why we are now surrounded (one would say besieged) by signs of the beasts, weird numbers (11, 666) or parallels (33), sinister tattoos, gloomy colors and dark omens. What was yesterday reserved to an elite of so-called Illuminati is today shown everywhere, and available to anyone, including children (especially children!). But no force is such submitted to the mark of the beast, in modern economy, than the music business. The art of Pan and of Bacchus is where we find the most exclusive sympathy for the devil, to quote the famous Rolling Stones song, which was inspired by Russian masterwork the Master and Marguerite. Writes John Milton about his Hell:

Mixed dance, or wanton mask, or midnight ball...

This is why I submitted myself to the video-clips of lady Gaga. I had never seen one before this fatidic date! My first surprise was the number of views: half a billion for a song like Bad Romance. The number was 150 million for Born This Way.

Half a billion! Can you imagine? Or can you imagine the number of views you would have for a Christian song? One thousand times less, one million times less... remember how hundreds of millions copies the wizard Potter sold worldwide...

And my second surprise was the show itself, even if I was somewhat prepared to face it. It could intimidate Satan himself and his pandemonium! Poor satanic majesties, they looked so old-fashioned at once! It remembered me the famous Faust by the great Christopher Marlowe, a poet murdered mysteriously in 1593, and who denounced modern man's fascination for magic, science, banks and tricks; for we know that we are now surrounded by ciphers, codes, enigmas, riddles. So wrote the Elizabethan poet:

Lines, circles, scenes, letters, and characters;

Ay, these are those that Faustus most desires.

There are of course heaps of geometric figures in Gaga's clips, and the so-called pink triangle in homage to gays persecuted "graphically" by Hitler. Never forget this guy's cultural impact: he was the first rock star, as stated Bowie once, wasn't he? All the guys in this business paid him tribute, from the Who to Galliano. He may be infamous. But who rejects this kind of fame nowadays? That's the bad romance. But get back to Gaga.

Nobody knows who she was. Does she know what she's doing? Do you know who inspires her (Yeah, I know, some visual expert, but the reference is still too cheap...), and her songs, and her shows? The truth is that like Rihanna, Madonna or Beyonce, Gaga does nothing hazardously even when she speaks some crap about peace or homophile tolerance, as if we were in some dark age (we are indeed, but non in her sense!) But when it comes to the show Lady Gaga stops moralizing and she presents herself as a hilarious and preposterous mutant, a bouncing demon dancing dark with squeaking naked friends. Everywhere you find brain-dead zombies, dead skulls' platoons, witchcrafts, tattoos, piercing, branding, and signs of the beast, pentacles, distorted dances and discreet and gloomy allusions to another world reality connected with our Illuminati friends. She speaks of tolerance, homosexuality, new human race, all stuff linked with the New World Order Agenda: one brain, one sex, one dollar! And the common point of this culture is the Lucifer provocation. Let's analyze some of these provocations.

Enter DEVILS, giving crowns and rich apparel to FAUSTUS. They dance, and then depart.

In her Born This Way video, Gaga boasts a new and provocative trans-human race and celebrates the Mother Monster's Manifesto (three times the thirteenth letter). She spells HIM too, Him being His Infernal Majesty! But others stars, like Rihanna or Eminem, mention Rain man, another name for a similar concept. Then she wears a mask, having so two faces like her master the joker: in mind-control terms, the mask always implies the existence of a programmed alter-personality. Anyway, we are assisting the naissance of a new humanity, the humanity dressed, controlled and programmed by a hidden bunch of experts, which concentrates a few four powers: secret services, technology, entertainment and cosmetics. These powers were already described by Bulgakov and referenced in the biblical book of Enoch. For it is well said and written in that book, chapter 8, that they were the fallen angels, mainly Azazel who taught humans much of the witchcraft: weapons, bracelets, rings, mirrors, make-ups, even stone and gems, all of use in the business of mind programming, like the butterflies who besiege our shivering but not sleeping beauty. The link between shrieking music industry and this fallen angel is obvious; but today we have too the biotech complex, as dangerous for our health in the US as the military-industrial complex (or Entertainment-industrial complex). This is why the connection between Hollywood and the Pentagon (whose form was inspired by the Pentagram and a secret castle occupied during WW1 in Burgundy, France) is of so much importance. The empire of drones is the empire of semiotics and the empire of dianetics too: the stronger power comes not from the arm, it comes from the mind. This was the lesson Tulsa Doom taught Conan in a famous scene.

So this is the dancer's mission: prepare us to destroy this world, and prepare us to a new one (this is called desensitization) ruled by new paradigms. Like Lord Shiva Nataraj, the dancer of the Kali Yuga... This is way the actual singers develop duplicity warfare, a machinegun in one hand, the Gandhi handbook in the other. The rifle shows too the sexy side of violence, preparing audiences for more mass-massacres. Denver, Utoya, Columbine, mere rehearsals. Then the William Blake "vast world of Urizen" will appear.

And like a naughty Dr Faustus, Gaga screams and plays with bulks of skulls, brain-dead and subliminal nightmares and imagery. Only a few brainless dancers will escape and know the future paradise of the new race. We also can observe that the Diva's companions look like more Orcs than Elves. It's really an infernal fauna, like Narnia's. Ten years ago, when I saw the Fellowship of the rings, I thought as a good Tolkien fan I was that the LOTR trilogy would inspire a better humanity. It inspired her, but in the wrong way. For people prefer to be dressed and made-up like orcs or goblins, when they don't behave like them, backed by NATO or Islamist programmers. As I repeat, five hundred millions to watch this junk, how many to watch a mass? Who programmed us that way?

But get back to black magic. In Gaga's musical video, I acknowledged too a famous musical theme, from the Bernard Hermann's score in Hitchcock Vertigo. This very sinister movie -for we should understand that Hitchcock was like a wizard- talks as we know about a man obsessed with a souvenir who tries to recreate a dead woman he loved before. This is pure necromancy (he surfeits upon pure necromancy", writes too Marlowe). And it reminds me Faust another time. Hitchcock has become a cult-director in a bad way. He himself once joked in French about his devilish aspect; and certainly he was like Stanley Kubrick or Michael Powell one of the Illuminati's favourite directors. One day we shall really talk of Shining, Black Narcissus or the Birds.

Gaga boasts a manifesto too: "This is the manifesto of Mother Monster: On G.O.A.T., a Government -Owned Alien Territory in space, a birth of magnificent and magical proportions took place." The acronym GOAT is a way to present the coming of the new Baphomet. The Baphomet has become famous thanks to the Da Vinci Code and the rebirth of the brave new templar. It fully represents a satanic or neo-pagan cult, while the Alien agenda is linked since the beginning not to the extra-terrestrial activity but to demonology and mind-control.

I could speak too of Gaga's video about Judas, betrayed and kissed by one his pals. But I give up, even it reminds me some dark ancient heresy commented once by Borges in one of his short stories (Judas was God)...

When I see Gaga and her break-dancing berserk fauna, I can't help but remembering the Dostoyevsky prophecy: If man forgets Hell, Hell will find his way to man. Five hundred millions to watch her... Bells, candles, books, even if the price of human soul has tumbled a lot.

FAUSTUS. How comes it, then, that thou art out of hell?

his is hell, nor am I out of it.

Nicolas Bonnal 


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Author`s name Dmitry Sudakov