Europe turns into sea of Sodom

A few days ago, Germany's Ministry of Justice exposed the draft amendments to the legislation to legalize gay marriage in the country. In fact, sexual minorities enjoy complete freedom in the country. In 2001, their freedom became official: their relationship was called a "civil partnership". Something like a civil marriage or live-in relationship.

Nowadays, according to the proposed innovations, changes will be made to the provisions of all laws - both civil and criminal that touch upon ordinary families. The addition "...and civil partners" will appear in all German laws. To put it in a nutshell, gay people will be able to legally divide property, require alimony from each other, etc. If a homosexual partner has another partner on the side - he or she will be tried for polygamy.

The further equalization of rights between normal and unconventional marriage, will most likely follow soon. For example, on the model of good old England, Germany may ban the use of such "outdated" terms as 'father,' 'mother,' 'husband,' 'wife' in official documents. Like in England, such words will be replaced with 'parent 1,' 'parent 2,' 'partner' and other novelties of homosexual lifestyle.

At first glance, this news does not seem to be surprising. The blessed Europe in the face of the majority of its members surrendered to the sexual values ​​of Sodom origin a long time ago. England even put homosexual values above traditional ones, having banned the use of "outdated" terms.

Germany is the most powerful nation in the EU. The country definitely has the right to have its own opinions. Even though German constitutional judges had been blaming the authorities for their "old-fashioned" way of thinking, the authorities, until recently, preferred to stay on the traditional side of the issue.

The ruling political force in Germany is the community of sister parties CDU/CSU - the Christian Democratic and Christian Social Union, respectively. The objective of this actually single political force is "to contribute to the enforcement of Christian values." The bloc includes both Catholics and Protestants, but the German Church has not declared homosexuality an acceptable norm of life yet.

Alas, no existing political party in Germany has managed to receive absolute majority of votes during the last decade. Politicians had to organize coalitions for the right to form governments. The past one, for example, was a large one - between the CDU/CSU and Social Democrats. The current one, after the 2009 elections, was formed with other Democrats, this time Free Democrats. The latter traditionally receive fewer votes than Social Democrats do, but they also play the role of the golden share during the formation of a government.

The adjective "free" came for a reason for those politicians. The word, among other things, designates their free manners. They are free from the Christian values, the supporters of which took the Free Democratic Party as their coalition partners.

They turned out to be the supporters of another partnership - the civil homosexual one. Let's take the leader of the 2009 election, Guido Westerwelle, who received the honorable and influential positions of foreign minister and vice-chancellor. He introduced his lifetime partner, Michael Mronz, as ... the "partner of the heart" back in 2010, when they attended Angela Merkel's 50th birthday. The would-be civil partners had German thoroughness as the basis of their friendship. They tied the knot only in 2010. However, in 2011, Mr. Westerwelle formally stopped to be the leader of the party, although he retained the position of the foreign minister.

German politician Sabine Leutheusser-Schnarrenberger, a representative of Free Democrats, is the head of the Justice Department of Germany - the department that prepared the above-mentioned notorious amendments. The German media say nothing about her non-traditional orientation, though, but this is a matter of principle and the party program!

It is hard to say how the supporters of two absolutely different principles - Christian and Sodom - are going to compromise. Formally, the Christian Democrats, who have the majority both in the government and the parliament, may easily block the controversial bill. But they can also receive a government crisis and early elections for that, especially if Free Democrats suddenly decide that they can not sacrifice their "principles" either.  

However, there is another option - to pass the final (and easily predictable) decision to the Federal Constitutional Court. Guido Westerwelle's party colleagues will be able to go to this court with their complaints in case they come across the "wall of misunderstanding" on the part of their coalition partners. In this case, the politicians declaring Christian values will be able to save both their face (we're not at that - it's the law) and the coalition together with the coveted power.

Well, in the last case, we will be able to acknowledge the fall of one of the last islands of traditional Christian attitude to marriage in the "sea of ​​Sodom," which the erstwhile Christian Europe became long ago.

Yuri Nosovsky


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Author`s name Dmitry Sudakov