Author`s name Dmitry Sudakov

Wealthy Russians order penguins, snow and Justin Bieber

Exotic needs of wealthy Russians may very often raise many eyebrows. Even concierge services can be very much surprised at times even though their goal is to fulfill every whim for the customer's money. The largest companies in providing concierge services - Quintessentially Group, Vertu Concierge and Prime Concept, shared several stories about the quirks of the Russian rich with the Kommersant newspaper.

For example, a client of Vertu Concierge wanted to have thoroughbred racing horses for a competition for endurance in Kuwait. Another one asked to arrange a meeting for his daughter with famous American singer Justin Bieber. Another client of the company needed help in moving abroad, including the arrangement of gas, electricity and water supplies for his home. 

Spokespeople for Quintessentially Group said that their Russian customers once needed several penguins, real snow and a skating rink for a summer party in Monaco. For another party in Saint Tropez, wealthy Russians ordered four penguins and two lamas. One day they even had to stop the giant Ferris wheel London Eye, because their Russian client wished to celebrate the birthday of his child at the highest point of the attraction.

However, the most popular services in 2012 were the services of making hotel reservations and booking tables at restaurants, said

Booking private jets is next in popularity. The list continues with booking  limousines, yachts, nightclubs, restaurants, rental villas. The list of five most frequent requests also includes the purchase and delivery of tickets for cultural events. Wealthy Russians turn to concierge services for advice when choosing gifts.

As for tourist preferences of the clients of concierge services, France and Italy top the rating of most visited countries this year. 

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