The mating games of European presidents

Despite of being "advanced," Europe remains dominated by patriarchal prejudices. This conclusion was made by bloggers discussing the whining of the employees of Elysee Palace. These bureaucrats are in disarray: while the leader of the republic has a lady, the protocol does not allow calling her first lady, as the honorable name must be backed by bonds of marriage. Francois Hollande's reluctance to legitimize his relationship with Valerie Trirveyler is a bone in the throat of the guardians of morals.

It would seem that officials are wasting their time shaking the air, avoiding their duties. But the real problem does exist. Russian statesmen are not even aware of the delicate nuances, but in many Western countries personal life of the first persons is not considered to be their own business. During official visits abroad, the protocol is put above all else. From the protocol point of view, all sexual relations that are not properly registered are nonsense.

For example, the Queen of Great Britain would never accept the "first lady" if she is not a lawful spouse of the head of state. Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II is an example of tolerance and generosity, but will not breach the etiquette of the Palace. Of course, such loyalty to tradition is kept by only a few rulers, but even the most democratic of them cannot afford disregarding the protocol and accepting unlawful ladies of their high-ranking colleagues.

Especially since Ms. Trirveyler in a short time of Hollande's presidency has already caused concerns about her reputation as a potential first lady. Seeing as her lover in the joys of the won elections hugged his former spouse Segolene Royal, 47-year-old Valerie made head of state kiss her in front of the crowd. She kissed him on the lips with such intensity that even the loyal to amorous passions French nicknamed her Rottweiler. What if Trirveyler-Rottweiler jumps the president every time he takes Angela Merkel by her elbow? It is possible, because during the entire presidential race she sat as quietly as a mouse, and then suddenly turned into a predator. A lady with such pathological jealousy and undisguised aggression cannot be allowed into the high society, the Elysee Palace is hinting.

However, the followers of the protocol are still relatively lucky in this case because nothing prevents the divorced Hollande legally marry his Rottweiler at any time. The President of Germany Joachim Hauck brings infinite frustration to his protocol service. He stubbornly refuses  to divorce his wife who he left during the time of the fall of the Berlin Wall, not to mention marrying his current mistress. Hauk has been living with journalist Daniela Schadt since 2000. Both, to say the least, are not young. Daniel, of course, is a good two decades younger than her 73-years old lover.

Respectable burghers believe that at this age it is time to think about spiritual things instead of corrupt the people with a bad example. The Bundestag, that in the spring nearly unanimously has chosen Joachim Hauck President, has already begun to doubt the correctness of its decision. The obstinate head of state was even hinted that it would be nice to bring his personal life in line with the norms of Christian morality. Indeed, once he was revered by the entire GDR - a pastor, preacher, human rights activist, exemplary family man, and father of four children. Joachim changed after he chose big politics and left his wife and children. What can you do? Power corrupts.

Hauk knew that the protocol forbids him to settle in the presidential residence with the woman he loved without having gone through the bureaucratic ordeal of a divorce. But this protocol does not require the president to reside in this residence. The German leader has no problems with housing. In short, he did the same to his annoying protocol followers as in his time he did to his wife - stayed away.

Looking at stubborn Hauck, Francois Hollande composed a short and touching speech about pretentious luxury of the Elysee Palace being alien to him. Gilding and stucco make him uneasy and do not let him to relax after dealing with matters of national importance. In addition, he did not approve of his predecessors who agreed to live in this golden cage while the simple French had to tighten their belts because of the financial crisis.

The guardians of morality in the Elysee Palace are happy that Madame Rottweiler with her three offspring, whose birth has nothing to do with Hollande, lives at another address. However, this does not make it easier. Valerie is obsessed with the imaginary affair of her Francois with his former spouse. She persistently follows him to all events where hated Segolene Royal may appear.

It was not lost on the French: they have already started making fun of their poor fellow-president who got in the middle of this story, and there is no guarantee that the people's pity does not affect his image and rating. How can one expect solutions to financial problems of the state from the president who cannot deal with his woman.

On the other hand, if the example of Hollande and Hauk is followed by other European leaders, sooner or later the protocol will be dead, or at least, its part that does not equate a girlfriend and first lady. the administrators of the highest events may soon be proud to declare publicly: "The President of France with his companion." Now many advocates of morality seriously think that extramarital affairs of the President will plunge the country into decline, so they cannot be perceived as normal. But if Europe continues to flounder helplessly in the nets of the crisis, it will soon have no time for moralizing.

Yelena Nikolskaya


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Author`s name Dmitry Sudakov