Whitney Houston: Too far to come back

Whitney Houston: Too far to come back

Talent, flair. Brilliance. Genius, excellence. Whitney Houston made this type of eulogy banal and meaningless not only through the numerous awards she won but fundamentally through her character, her voice and her soul - all three transcending any physical constraints, taking her and those blessed enough to hear her voice to the gates of Heaven.

It is easy to use some moralistic verbosity in this type of piece, hitching a ride on the back of people whose genius set them up as role models and superstars and "diva"s and the like, people whose human features are far above and way beyond the confines of the rest of us, people whose special talent places them ahead of the pack and in the eye of the media storm day in and day out...

And as people, they are human and as humans they have their legacy for us to hug and to enjoy, not to judge and not to criticise. Therefore let all those Whitney Houston obituaries which focus on anything but her unforgettable contribution to global cultural legacy be rendered to the gutter where they belong.

Whitney Houston had the singular and unique quality of giving wings to a voice, hitching it to our souls - the souls of Humankind, man, woman, child, black or white, grey, green, yellow, brown, blonde, brunette, fair or dark - and then taking these souls on a ride through Paradise, through forests full of untold secrets, through deserts swept and bathed with brilliant sunshine and hushed moonlit nights, through snowscapes, through the sweetest raindrops and scented sea-breezes and starlit evenings, dewy dawns, smiles and love and harmony and friendship.

With the voice of Whitney Houston came the secrets of centuries untold, came the salty tears which filled out seas with love and nostalgia, came the heart which beats life into our soul, and which filled the souls of those who heard her voice with love and wonder.

Without Whitney Houston, the world loses a voice, a heart and a soul and more than that, Humanity loses a wonderful and brilliant shining pearl lighting the skies of our cultural legacy, warming our hearts and showing us the way to the gates of Heaven.

Beyond these gates, there will be a voice calling her name and once inside those gates, Whitney Houston will receive the love and care and happiness that she deserves. Whitney Houston, thank you...

Timothy Bancroft-Hinchey



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Author`s name Timothy Bancroft-Hinchey