Freedom of man

by Welinton dos Santos, Economist and Lecturer

This is a time of great reflection on our values, attention to our attitudes, actions and thoughts, remembering our loved ones, nature and the world.

Many of us survive in a society in which we passed through several schools with varios scholastic systems, reproductivist French theories of human capital, unschooling of Illich, among many other skills that always sprang into the mechanical structure of our social life, punishing the self-taught person, controlling and shaping knowledge, based on the principles of a ruling dominant bureaucracy.

The humanity which was submitted to the dictatorship of unbridled capitalism suffers the consequences of coldnesses towards nature, in an incessant search for wealth and selfish individualism, who was taught from our heritage of Jesuit scholastic teaching. It had absolute control over the content that prevails up to the current day. This content requires being conscious to the truth, under the presupposition of a cleansing reality of the conscious truth, individualist and voluntarist, with restrictions on freedom, spontaneity, creativity and active participation of knowledge.

The result was the lopsided social division in the bureaucratic cadres, and without archaic structures of ideal values ​​focused on the need for exchanges between individuals, family, society, cordial relations with happiness and collective performance for the common good. The artificial was considered as an ideal, in relentless pursuit of material goods to the detriment of spiritual values ​​that enrich and perpetuate the good of the collective actions of social interaction.

In this presupposition I ask: _ how much are you in love with life itself?

This moment in time is for freedom. Man, no longer at the mercy of the imposition of knowledge, tied to corruption, acts on the inconsistent acts on nature, of dislike towards other living beings, the lack of being able to see the reality of what happens that is gross and cruel in the four corners of the Earth, where infanticide can occur at any moment or in prison cells in which human beings are killed to increase space in the cell, or even contaminated products thrown into the water, the death of animals made inconsequential for the sake of wealth or cutting down some trees on behalf of someone against the air that supplies mankind.

It's time for all to unite in favor of a new society based on the actual values ​​of unity and not division, in which all religions must share for the collective good, because we are all children of the same soil and live on the same planet.

We must respect the collective rights over the individual, while creating forms of financial balance and abundance for all people, based on a ballast of sustainability.

There is no time for new studies, but for new attitudes, new values, new understandings and the new building, after all what good is it if I live in a palace and the world is in ruins and unable to receive love from anyone.

Harsh realities will affect the world in the coming days due to the consequences of the disrespect of 'Mother Earth', but there is still hope, of solidarity between all who read this article and I ask that they have more patience, tolerance for differences, care for their loved ones and to persevere in faith, love and respect for others.

Like a road, the paths are drawn. As on a road, the paths are traced, and it's necessary to have in your hands the vehicle which leads love along its path for the victory of light to arrive in our lives

Make your heart sing with the sunrise, see the garden grow, embrace your children, behold your loved ones, vibrate with the sounds and smells of flowers, after all the world can feel the beauty and love. I'm rooting for all of us!



Translated from the Portuguese version by:

Lisa Karpova


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Author`s name Oksana Orlovskaya