Women's honest answers to men's stupid questions

Women's honest answers to men's stupid questions. 45739.jpegContrary to popular stereotype that women love to ask silly questions, it is men who hold the palm in the art of dumbfounding their companions with odd questions. In all fairness it should be noted that men do not mean any harm, they just want to get answers to their questions. 

Here are some of the most common (and incorrectly put) questions the men rack their brain over, and their corrected versions.

1. Why do women like goofballs?

The correct question is: what interests girls in guys? 

Do men assess women according to the same parameters - in the sense of how nice or goofy they are? Thinking that ladies assess guys only according to one criterion is insulting to women. Even the plainest girls are looking for a man with a few signs of that Prince Charming.

Some people like blue eyes, and someone are looking for someone who will appreciate the beauty of their soul. Goofiness certainly attracts the attention of girls, but there must be more to it.

2. What does she mean when she says "..."?

The right question: what did you have in mind when you said "..."?

Universal decoder of the female language does not exist. A girl who says that she is not ready for a serious relationship may really be unwilling to start dating. Maybe she finds her counterpart not good enough. Or maybe she just wants to be persuaded. Or "relationship" for her is a boring appendage to sex, which she would not refuse - there are many variants.

So which of the options is correct? You will find this one out only by asking directly. Connoisseurs of women will not be necessarily right in a case of a particular girl.

3. Why do girls beg for compliments, saying that they are fat?

The correct question is whether those extra pounds bother this girl?

The first thought that occurs when one hears a question like this: she knows that she is not fat, and just wants to hear something pleasing. It happens, but usually women really think that they impermissibly fat - compared with models from magazines.

However, do not think that women live in constant self-loathing. In adolescence, it is often true, but over the years, ladies get used to being fat.

She may not like her reflection in the mirror, but it is something that is unlikely to change. Many women often say that on particular days they feel fat. The next day, peeking in the mirror, she will say - you are beautiful! It depends on the hairstyle, outfit and the mood.

4. Why do women never say what really happened?

The correct question is: why this situation cannot be helped with a conversation?

Men that define this as an issue with their mates constantly complain that their women bother them with complaints. Another question is that women feel that they will not be listened to, so they remain silent in response to a request to tell what happened.

However, in some cases, a girl does not answer because she does not see the point in it: a detailed account of her concerns will not help.

5. Why do girls use so much makeup (have wild clothes or hairdos) when we like them natural?

The correct question is: do they really do it for men?

 Optional: does she have a right idea of her natural beauty?

First of all, we should accept as fact that men rarely notice what women wear. When a woman buys a dress, she knows that it will be noticed only by other women and gay men. All women's magazines have some beauty on their cover, but inside you will find tips on how to look irresistible in every situation. The girls follow the standards of style approved by glossy magazines. Men have nothing to do with it: it is important to comply with the canons of beauty. 

In addition, men often lose sight of the fact that girls use makeup to get a little closer to the standard. 

6. Why guys need to seek relationships and the girls just sit back and choose? The right question: why do I look only at those women who choose their boyfriends? 

The solution is simple: the statistics should be broken down. There are plenty of shy, desperate or just sad girls. Those charmers who "sit back and choose" are those who are striking because of their self-confidence and bright appearance. Those who dream of being approached by men often drop out of sight of men because they behave very modestly.

Based on the materials from www.cracked.com

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