Chinese callousness: God lives in coincidence

Chinese callousness: God lives in coincidence. 45683.jpegA few days ago humanity was faced with two videos, both released around the planet and deserving of a broad and deep reflection. The first came from China. It shows a helpless child of only two years old, walking in the middle of a very busy highway. The name of this child: Yueyue.

There comes a white van driven by a driver who could not fail to see the child right in the middle of the passage, wearing bright red pants. Nevertheless, it was a hit and run. The right front wheel of the vehicle passes over the frail body of Yueyue. The driver stops. Was it to see what was on the road? No: it was just to take that momentum to the right rear wheel of the vehicle to pass more easily over the girl, who was dropped on the floor bleeding to death.

But the biggest shocker came next. A man walked past to no more than 15 cm from the body of the unfortunate child, and did not even slow. Then another on a bicycle, he saw Yueyue on the floor, saw her and the pool of blood that was formed and went away without even looking.

There then appears a small truck and it runs over the helpless child. It hits and drives away. Then two delivery vehicles pass by the side of the body on the floor. They did not even slow down. A third follows. Another motorcycle. Another pedestrian. And two more motorcycles. And two other pedestrians. And still there on the asphalt, bleeding, a child - the future of our race.

Behold, then appears in the midst of so many people too busy with their daily business, a miserable scavenger. It seems incredible, but it was the only person who bothered to remove the child from the middle of a busy street. And only then appeared someone to provide relief.


The second video comes from the other side of the world, here in Chile. It was made by a security camera on oneof the busiest highways in this country, the Costanera. It is a route of three tracks each side, which the vehicles pass by at speeds approaching 100 km / h.

And behold, an unhappy dog ​​is hit by a truck and stays there, wounded, between the first and second lane of the highway. Other cars and trucks continue to pass within inches of him, always at high speed.

What we saw next was exciting: a second dog appears and goes to the middle of the road. It stands by its friend. And the rescue operation starts. This second dog began to pull its friend onto the shoulder of the road, before another car could hit. It touched my heart to see that he did not do it with his teeth, or abruptly. No. With the front legs, millimeter by millimeter, it was dragging its friend to the edge of the road. He showed no fear for his own life, only the will to save his friend.


The end of this episode was happy: the injured dog, then met by a rescue team, survived. Meanwhile, back in China, Yueyue was brain dead. Now Yueyue has died.

What a coincidence, these two videos have surfaced across the world in the same week! But was it coincidence? According to Nelson Rodrigues, "God is in coincidences." How about we meditate on that?

Pedro Valls Feu Rosa is Judge and elected president of the Brazilian Court of the State of Espírito Santo, southeastern Brazil.


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Author`s name Timothy Bancroft-Hinchey