Russian immigrants absolutely powerless to foreign laws

42920.jpegRussian immigrants are absolutely powerless people, and there are many examples that prove it. Russia makes concessions to foreign countries letting their citizens go in spite of serious crimes, but is unable to protect its own citizens, including a pilot Konstantin Yaroshenko, Rima Salonen and the latest example - Aziza Mirzoyeva, who is now in a U.S. prison.

The story of Aziza Mirzoyeva is full of mysteries and secrets. The woman was arrested last summer, but she still does not know whether she was charged with anything, and if yes, then on what basis. Until recently, Aziza was married to a citizen of Tajikistan Tohir Mirzoyev, and they had two sons. The boys were born on the U.S. soil and under the law of this country they are U.S. citizens.

When the couple filed for divorce, the U.S. Supreme Court gave the children to Aziza. After that, with the consent of Tohir, the woman left for Canada with children, and from there, at her sole discretion, she left for Russia.

In Tajikistan the local court also confirmed the divorce and gave the children to the mother.

According to Mirzoyeva, she was never hiding the boys from their father, and if he wanted he could find his sons, but he decided to go a different route. Through an American court Tohir got custody and initiated an international search through the FBI and Interpol.

Aziza and her sons were "caught" in Germany, where she was a medical student. The woman was held in a German prison for three months and then was extradited to the U.S. where she has already spent a month in jail.
As reported by Vesti, on December 26 the period when the U.S. authorities had to bring charges against Aziza has run out. Whether this condition is met, is not known for certain.

Mirzoyeva is convinced that the court had no right to rule on the custody of the children in her absence, and considers her case political. Whatever it was, for the "abduction" of the children the woman is facing a considerable sentence, despite the fact that the ex-husband, after he received the sons, said he had no claims against his ex-wife.

The story of Aziza Mirzoyeva once again confirms that Russians are absolutely powerless against the laws of foreign countries. In the U.S. there are increasingly more cases when American parents, usually fathers, take the children from Russia without the consent of the mothers, based on U.S. court decisions.

On the other hand, Russia still does not consider kidnapping of children by a parent and taking them abroad a crime.

Moreover, Russia is unable to protect its own citizens who ran into trouble in other countries: Irina Belenkaya and Rima Salonen were brought before foreign courts for the abduction of their own children, while their former spouses were left unscathed, although committed similar crimes in Russia.

The sad statistics is true not just for family squabbles, but for more serious crimes as well. Victor Bout and Konstantin Yaroshenko will respond to the foreign justice system, but a German diplomat Thomas Hobert who killed two students in Moscow in a car accident did not have to deal with anything besides a slight slap on the wrist, namely, probation and a fine of 10 thousand euros. Incidentally Hobert flatly refused to pay the fine, stating that he had no money, despite the fact that the German hit the students at an intersection while driving a Porsche Cayenne.

There is no justice in this case. Not only Hobert was tried at home, where he got the softest sentence under the circumstances (a year of probation and suspension of a driving license for only one month), the Ministry of Justice of Germany sent a letter to the mothers of the victims stating that the court's decision was final and they had no right to appeal to higher courts in Germany.

It turns out that in all these stories more brazen countries dictated their conditions, and Russia was not able to defend the rights of its citizens. Perhaps the Russian government should learn to do it so that Russians could live a quieter life.

Ksenia Obraztsova

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Author`s name Dmitry Sudakov