Russian pop star fell a victim of an English businessman

Popular Russian singer Ilya Lagutenko from the group called Mummy Troll fell a victim of a swindler in London. Russian pop star now has to spend five years working for him. There is also another choice for him – to marry his daughter.

Mummy Troll’s 34-year-old singer Ilya Lagutenko  is often compared with Cheshire Cat because of his smile. Lagutenko himself says that he is a “devil under a good guise.”

The “Dictionary of the Russian Show Business” says the following about Lagutenko’s group: “Mummy Troll is a group  that gained immense popularity in Russia in 1997. The peculiar features of the group is the smiling vocal,  singing the lyrics of a small child, who took too many sleeping pills. The most popular rumor about the group is that they allegedly recorded all of their albums in London.  This is definitely a joke.”

If it was really a joke, then it was a good one. The guys from the group decided to play that joke again in April of the current year.  They stated that their new album “Meamury” was recorded in  London too. Furthermore,  they performed in London clubs twice.

Lagutenko said in one of his interviews that an 18-year-old female student “fell in love” with him after one of those concerts. His girlfriend Lesya (back-up singer) found him in bed with that groupie, while his wife Lena was waiting for him at home. 

Ilya found out that his English fan’s father was a prosperous businessman. After that, he put an end to his relationship with Lesya, whose father could not boast of successful exchange bids in London. Lesya had to go back home to Russia. Ilya started an affair with the rich student, and he succeeded a lot in that. The girl’s father invested quite a good sum of money in Lagutenko’s studio.

Ilya graduated from Vladivostok University, he is a specialist for Russian-Chinese trade. However,  he became a victim in the transaction with the London broker. Now Lagutenko will have to work that money off for five years. He also has another way out – to marry the businessman’s daughter and set up a family business.

Larisa Suyetenko

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Author`s name Olga Savka