Virtual Russian bride shocks both groom and police

Not that long ago, the police department of Omsk region received a complaint from a citizen of the United States. A frustrated foreigner asked them to find a charming Siberian lady he had met on the Internet. The beauty that received a lot of money transfers seemed to be involved in an accident. The investigation yielded the most unexpected results. 41660.gif

It all started a little too rosy for the American who intended to find a beautiful and agreeable companion. He met a beautiful woman from distant Russia through one of the social networks. A few months later, the man was hopelessly in love with a girl from a snowy Siberia.

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His new friend, unfortunately, started a difficult period in her life: she was suddenly ill; her relatives were dying one after another, her creditors remembered about her debts, and so on. In addition, the "bride" who referred to her modest financial situation, asked him to help her pay for processing of a passport and visa as well as send her money for tickets to the U.S. Of course, the American in love could not leave the poor girl alone with her troubles. As a result, the foreign fiancé consistently funded all expenses of his "distant Russian friend."

And then the terrible thing has happened: instead of the first meeting with the object of his dreams, the American received terrible news from a friend of his Siberian girl that his love was killed under the wheels of a car. This was the first time the American got some doubts. A little later, the naïve "groom" decided to get to the truth.

The criminal case instigated as a result of "marriage correspondence" is supervised by the Omsk regional prosecutor's office, while direct investigation is conducted by the department of internal affairs. There is a good reason for such attention - we are talking about fraud involving a foreign citizen, with a fairly large sum of money involved.

All such stories have their finale. Needless to say, the American did not want to find out that all this time he was in love with a chimera, a fruit of imagination of two young men from Siberia.

The investigation has revealed some details. Law enforcement officers found an acquaintance of the criminals. Soon they found the "heroine" presented by two men, swindlers, who easily and naturally pulled $8,600 from the American's pocket in the course of their "relationship" with the groom.

At the moment the investigation is coming to an end. Both swindlers are in custody, they are charged under Section 3 of Article 159 of the Criminal Code (fraud by a group of persons by prior agreement, in large scale). This is a very serious accusation, calling for punishment of five to ten years of imprisonment.

Are these stories rare? Not at all, though usually the girls involved are not virtual, but very real. Their main occupation on the Internet is exactly the same - extortion of small amounts from foreign nationals. Sometimes, girls ask their male friends to "represent their interests online" as it turns out to be more fun and successful.

Incidentally, in several Asian countries, whose export commodity besides bamboo mats and cheap labor include agreeable and quiet girls (they eat little, and never scold), marriage detective agencies are very common. These agencies can help any foreigner corresponding with a potential bride check the reality of her existence, as well as lifestyle and moral qualities. Such agencies appear in the countries of the former USSR since brides from Russia, Ukraine, Belarus and Moldova are in demand, and any demand creates incidents similar to the Omsk one.

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Author`s name Dmitry Sudakov