Natalia Vodianova Fed Up With Being Her Husband's Bread Winner?

Speculations about the divorce of the Russian beauty and model Natalia Vodianova and Lord Justin Portman surfaced in February. But then, in an exclusive interview with Komsomolskyaya Pravda (KP), Justin Portman assured us that the divorce will not happen, and it is just a rumor. Then Natalia and Justin appeared in the charity auction held by the supermodel. They thought that this will help to mitigate the rumors at least temporarily. But alas, it was the last appearance of the couple in public.

Recently Natalia is seen alone everywhere, and increasingly more in Moscow. As told by KP earlier, Natalia’s friend from Nizhny Novgorod saod that there was a new love in Vodianova’s life, which, in fact, put an end to her ten-year marriage with Portman. And even the presence of three lovely children did not save this seemingly perfect marriage from a divorce. A month ago there were rumors that Natasha had already hired a lawyer to help with the divorce process with the assistance of her new lover.

“Natasha knows Andrei for several years. He is a renowned producer, a very handsome man,” Vodianova’s girlfriend from Nizhny Novgorod told KP. “At first they were just friends, but later, when the relationship with Justin completely fell apart, Andrei supported her, and now she lives between the two countries. Almost every two weeks she comes to Russia.

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Recently a well-known TV host Andrei Malakhov in the editorial column of his magazine happily reported that producer Andrei invited Malakhov to the wedding in October, asking him to mark the date. Could it be that Natalia Vodianova is ready to go to the altar with the TV-boss? Especially, when her divorce is planned for October .

“Why is Vodianova hiding her divorce? We called her relatives, and they know nothing about her family problems,” the newspaper asked her girlfriends.

“Her family knows everything, but they are not entitled to say anything to the press, or Natasha will be left without her children.”

The fact is that according to the prenuptial agreement with Justin Portman, in the event of her adultery, the children will live with the Lord and his family. Natasha is a wonderful mother, and she is afraid of losing her kids.

The Price of divorce

The news that Natalia Vodianova finally decided to part with Lord Portman is actively discussed by the Western media.

“As far as I know, the divorce of Vodianova and Portman will be held in October,” told us British journalist Niki Six. “Only to obtain the freedom and children, Natalia will have to pay $10 million to Justin Portman, so he does not disclose the fact of her infidelity. The model’s career is brief. Vodianova will stay in fashion for two more years at the most, and then her career will decline. So she decided to pursue a career in Russia. After the divorce she will likely live in Moscow. She wants to work on television and act in movies.

Many of Vodianova and Portman’s fans are surprised: why such a beautiful couple broke up? Love is love, but her husband is a Lord, what else does she want?

But the problems in Vodianova’s family began long before she met the Russian producer Andrei.

They say that the couple’s relationship soured after their third child was born. Natalia's friends say that rumors of prominent wealth of Lord Portman do not match the reality. They say that this old English family has nothing but the title, and Natasha is the bread winner. They also said that the Lord started having issues with alcohol and even at social events he is always tipsy. He is also an avid gambler, and loses half of Natasha’s earnings in the casino. That's probably why she snapped, although she tried to save her family until the end.

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Author`s name Dmitry Sudakov