Male Boss with High Potency Harrasses All Women in His Office

A sex scandal broke out in one of the Moscow offices where female employees demanded that their boss is held responsible for sexual harassment towards all women in the office.

Following the example of Western companies where the phrase sexual harassment is no longer just a threat, but a verdict for the career, female employees of Russian firms are defending their honor and dignity in courts increasingly more often.

Recently the information was released that the City Court received a statement with a petition signed by 15 (!) female employees of a large Moscow company. In the document women describe in detail the essence of the arrogant behavior of their Casanova-like boss.

Russia Today: A ride to a dream

It turns out that 63-year-old Arkady P. until now has never hit on his female employees, and on the contrary, always had a reputation of a respectable family man, and father of three children who has been married to his wife for over 30 years. However, about two months ago, his behavior changed dramatically. It all started with dirty jokes and hints addressed to his female colleagues. Initially, the women thought his behavior to be a simple sign of his good mood or a late midlife crisis. But when it became clear that Arkady P. will not limit himself to jokes and in response to polite smiles of his employees he touches them, the office was seriously alarmed.

“Neither polite remarks nor categorical talks in private have led to any results,” Tamara S., a representative of the affected community commented on the incident. “We just realized that he could be stopped only by a court order. We did not consider the option of quitting our jobs because of our boss’s increased libido!”

As evidence, women provided photo negatives showing the boss’s desk drawer stocked with potency enhancers, as well as a video filmed by hidden cameras, showing the horny boss lurking in the kitchen waiting for his female coworkers and casually pressing them against the wall.

It is not clear yet how the story will end since there have not been any headline-making cases involving sexual harassment in Russia. However, if Arcady P. is held responsible and is charged criminally, hundreds of thousands of men working side by side with the most beautiful women in the world will have a tough time.

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Author`s name Dmitry Sudakov