Russian Psychic Who Resurrects Beslan Children Goes to America

A former cellmate of the notorious psychic told reporters that Grigory Grabovoi was going to move to the U.S. Would the U.S. law allow him to promise people to resurrect their dead relatives for a hefty fee with impunity? Or will the “healer” come up with another way of making money by fooling people?

Grabovoi’s parole and his voluntary home arrest did not bring satisfaction to some journalists. It is understandable. Activity of Grabovoi and his Charter DRUGG has always been a good resource of news. Therefore, the journalists questioned Grabovoi’s co-inmates about the “healer’s” intention to move to the U.S.

Let us start with a brief recollection of Grigory’s “achievements” to get a better understanding of all the fuss around him. Grigory Grabovoi’s psychic career began in Uzbekistan in 1991, when he started the development of “heuristic methods of analysis, diagnosis and prediction of aircraft malfunction. “

In 1994 Gregory signed an agreement with the Uzbek government regarding “work on extrasensory diagnostics of aircraft used to fly the President of the Republic of Uzbekistan and members of the government.” For this service, he received 2 million rubles a month.

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Grabovoi surfaced in Russia in 1995. During his stay in Russia, he managed to create his own Charter DRUGG (recognized as a cult by RATSIRS expert) with a network of regional offices, declare himself “the Second Coming of Christ,” the future president of Russia and to promise to resurrect children killed in Beslan. Due to such intense activity, in March of 2005, Grigory was prosecuted for fraud. Some political scientists (in particular, the Movement For Human Rights) immediately announced that this case was of a political nature and linked to the healer’s intention to run for president of Russia. The healer himself also considered his detention to be “political.”

Not that long ago Grabovoi was released on parole for good behavior in prison. After the release, Grigory showed off by expressing the intent to go and arrange a”psychic search” for miners trapped in Raspadskaya mine. However, thank God, this has not happened. Since then, the “psychic” made no loud statements. Meanwhile, one of his cellmates announced about Grobovoi’s desire to go look for a better life in the U.S. Grabovoi, as far as I know, has neither denied nor confirmed the statement. Several journalists have already expressed their opinion by saying “Good riddance.” However, there are a number of unpleasant nuances that should be addressed.

Imagine that four years from now, when the “healer’s” parole expires, he will pack his suitcases and go to America. Do you think it will end like this? I am afraid that this will be just the beginning. There is already one example of such “prisoner of conscience” and “political prisoner” in modern history that had fled to the United States, albeit from China. This was the totalitarian leader of a destructive cult “Falun Dafa,” (“Falun-Gong”), Li Hongzhi, officially banned in China. Incidentally, this sect was established in China in 1992, approximately at the same time when Grigory began his vigorous activity in Uzbekistan. When Hongzhi left for the U.S., the number of adherents of this sect in China has obviously declined, but in other countries it has increased. In particular, fans of “modified Chi Kung” appeared in Russia.

Grabovoi does not act as an individual. He has his Charter DRUGG, which is in fact a sectarian structurewithan extensive network in the regions of Russia. You have to understand that faithful adherents of totalitarian cult would do anything ordered by their guru. Considering the aspects of Grabovoi’s doctrine, his followers are people who are extremely gifted alternatively. Now, while Grabovoi is in Russia, he will not give extremist instructions to his followers out of fear for his freedom. But what happens when Grigory gets to another country ?

If we take into account the history of Falun Dafa cult, then the events will develop according to the following scenario: in the United States Grigory will establish his “occult-energy school of terribly secret knowledge” which will train professional recruiters. These recruiters, in turn, will go to various countries of the world to build a global network DRUGG. And that is probably not without some help of certain U.S. government agencies. So we get not only the network of religious outcasts, but also political agents of influence.

But the Russian followers, if we continue the comparison with Li Hongzhi, Falun-Gun and China, will play the most interesting, but also the most painful part. It is the part of professional martyrs attacked by police batons in the unsanctioned rallies. Of course, both international and domestic liberal press will talk about “political repression” and “suppression of the rights and freedoms” in “bloody Russia.” By the way, following the example of Falun Dafa, DRUGG will easily begin to circulate its own publication to that effect. There is only one advantage in it - a close relationship with a foreign government would make it extremely difficult to make Charter DRUGG in Russia into a political party. Such attempts were undertaken by Grigory Grovoboi prior to his detention.

Do not consider me paranoid, but if I were the public, I would not be too relaxed and would think about the negative consequences of an early departure of the “healer” for America. There is no reason to assume that he will stop. He, judging by his statements about the search in the mine Raspadskaya, in contrast, is going to continue his tireless activity. The assumptions that he would be prosecuted for such actions in the US are erroneous. If he is not a complete idiot, he will not be fooling people in America so blatantly. He will perform his activity of taking money from the population in “honest” ways in other countries.

In addition, even if the”healer” decides to resurrect someone in America, and is later prosecuted for it, nothing bad would happen to DRUGG. In American history, there have always been plenty of law suits in connection with such organizations as the Watchtower Society (Jehovah's Witnesses), the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints (Mormons), and Scientology entities. Someone would sue them, they would sue someone else. As we can see, all these trials have not done much to shut down the activity of any of these totalitarian sects.

The most important question is what to do in this situation. Well, for starters, we, sect experts, will wait for the jolly in the media and then collect materials on the activities of DRUGG. In general, it is necessary to create legislative conditions that would maximally complicate the activity of the Charter DRUGG on the territory of the Russian Federation. It seems to me that there is a great deal of interesting things in terms of the Russian legislation going on in the Charter in addition to Grigory’s activity.

Alexander Chausov

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Author`s name Dmitry Sudakov