Trendy Drop-Crotch Pants and UGG Boots Disgust Men

While chasing fashionable trends, women forget that being trendy and attractive for men are two different things. It turns out men do not like many contemporary tendencies in fashion.

Mostly men complain about harem or drop-crotch pants first shown to the public in 2007 by Yves Saint Laurent fashion house. First only celebrities were brave enough to wear these pants. Yet, three years later the pants were adapted by fashionistas all over the world. Men do not like this trend. A fashion critic from The Daily Mail once said that women wearing harem pants look like they are wearing a full diaper. Men tend to agree with this opinion.

Men also detest UGGs adored by women. The name speaks for itself – the shoes are not elegant, and women like them because they are comfortable, especially in winter.

Men are not too excited about jumpsuits that became trendy again. They equally dislike light jumpsuits that make women look like teenagers and jean jumpsuits that, in their words, make women look like construction workers or plumbers.

Surprisingly, men are not crazy about gladiator sandals either. Women think the sandals are sexy, while men think they make legs look shorter and leave ugly traces when they are taken off.

The list of the least admired fashion trends by men also includes thick leggings, tuxedo-like jackets, bandanas, and huge sunglasses covering eyebrows.

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Author`s name Dmitry Sudakov