Pamela Anderson Writes Another Letter to 'Dear Prime Minister Putin'

Actress and model Pamela Anderson exposed her address to Russian Prime Minister Vladimir Putin. A citizen of Canada and an active member of PETA urged Putin to ban the import of Canadian seal fur to Russia. A year ago Anderson asked Putin to exert influence on the Canadian premier regarding the ban on the hunting of baby seals, although nothing has been reported about Putin’s reaction to Pam’s request, website said.

The actress addressed to Putin because Russia is one of the few countries which still practices the imports of baby seals’ fur and skin. The fur of Canadian seals is forbidden in the USA, the EU and Mexico. In Russia, seal furs can be found easily.

In her letter, which begins “Dear Prime Minister Putin”, Pamela Anderson said that Russia has banned the baby seal hunting. The actress reminded Putin that Barack Obama and even Dalai Lama defend the helpless animals. She also said that animal advocates had collected 50,000 signatures – a petition to the Canadian government to stop the annual slaughter of seals.

Wearing clothes made of baby seal fur has become an anti-trend in the world, it is considered shameful and disrespectable, whereas in Russia these furs are still popular.

Anderson wrote her first letter to Putin in May 2009. She addressed her letter to the person, who banned the hunting of baby seals in his country.

Baby seal hunting banned in Northern Russia

“The Canadian government has refused to budge on this issue despite widespread protests and international bans on the trade in baby seal skins. I collected thousands of signatures myself and personally delivered the petition to parliament, to no avail,” said Anderson in her letter to Putin.

Nothing is known about Putin’s reaction to the letter from the Playboy star.

Stanislav Belkovsky, the director of the Institute of the National Strategy said that Putin would react to Anderson’s letter only if his team decided to do it for PR purposes.

“Since such purposes are not a matter of foreseeable future, I believe that there will be no reaction to Pamela Anderson’s letter,” the special told

The import of baby seal fur was banned in the USA, Europe and Mexico in 1986. Last year, there were only two countries, where the hunting of seals was legally allowed – Russia and Canada. Russia banned the hunting of baby seals on March 18, 2009.

Pamela Anderson stands strongly against any clothes made of natural fur and leather.


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Author`s name Dmitry Sudakov