Brain Extensions Would Be Much Better Than Hair Extensions

Not everyone has a natural gift of healthy hair, nails and overall striking appearance. Luckily, the modern beauty industry offers the solution for a moderate price. Their ad pictures are perfect, but what is left behind the scenes?

Nail Extensions

Your nails are covered with special gel of acryl. Another option – artificial nails glued on top of your natural ones. Possible side effects. Mycologists (nail specialists) name the most common ones: dry, brittle, splitting natural nails under gel or acryl after removal of extensions. When you do dishes or clean using detergents, your natural nails under the extensions may deteriorate.

“Constant filing and degreasing makes nails delicate and unhealthy. You are better off not wearing extensions all the time,” says Vicroria Rukavishnikova, M.D., a mycologist. “Manicure specialists often try to talk their clients into “strengthening” and “protecting” their nails with gel or acryl. Yet, they only think about external beauty and we have to deal with consequences.”

Lash extensions

Individual artificial lashes are glued to your own lashes. A correction required every three weeks.

Possible side effects. Glue is a chemical substance. It is not surprising that women who have extensions complain about itchiness, reddening, tearing, and baggy leads. These are allergic reactions. The sad thing is that the “victims” do not seek doctor’s advice but instead consult with their extension professionals or friends. They get recommendations to use eye drops or ointments. Eyes are extremely sensitive, and self-diagnostics can be very dangerous. Sometimes artificial lashes fall out along with the natural ones or break. Specialists say that extensions require special care. For example, you have to use special makeup removers. You cannot rub your eyes or sleep on your face. Artificial lashes may stick together or tangle. It is not recommended to remove them without professional help as you risk losing your natural ones as well. You have to make at least a month long breaks between the extensions.

Permanent Makeup

Permanent makeup is applied under the skin in the lash, brow, lips and eyelids area. In other words, it is a tattoo that lasts no longer than three years.

Possible side effects. Not all specialists are able to adjust the color and evenness , and uneven contours and lines never made anyone more attractive. Too big tattoos may distort the face . A few days after the procedure women should expect a swelling and excessively bright color. They should not apply regular makeup several days after the procedure. It is not recommended to wash your face until the tattoo heals. Itching after the procedure is normal .

“During the healing process specialists recommend using antibacterial ointments, “says Eduard Voronenko, a permanent makeup specialist. “Usually a second procedure is required a month after the first one to eliminate gaps.”

Hair extensions

Long hair is attached to your own hair with resin, latch hooks, or glue.

Possible side effects. Your hair and scull skin receive additional load to hold –extensions. Hair at the points of attachment often gets tangled. Natural hair may become weak and break off, affected by chemicals and lack of nutrients. Extensions are not recommended for those with already weak hair. Some women with extensions complain that they can feel tension while sleeping. It is not easy to remove the extensions. You cannot do it at home because you have to use special removal liquid.

“There are recommended ways of washing and brushing hair extensions,” says Elina Kovrova, a hair extensions specialist. “Sometimes it is not recommended to use swimming pool, or swim in the ocean. For special occasions it is easier to use separate batches of hair that can be easily attached at home.”

Brow and lash tinting

Brows and lashes get a brighter color for 2 to 4 weeks.

Possible side effects. Allergy accompanied by swelling, reddening and itching in the eyes area. Low quality tint and improper procedure may result in a burn. Specialists keep warning that products you use to dye your hair cannot be used for tinting lashes and brows. Yet, this warning is often ignored, and women get surprising color results.

Specialists recommend looking for certified professionals and ask questions prior to all procedures. Obviously, not everyone gets negative results, but some do. If you do have side effects, it is strongly recommended to consult a doctor.

Arguments and Facts

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Author`s name Dmitry Sudakov