Increasing Poverty and Illiteracy in Egypt

Egypt recorded a decline in per capita income and national wealth and an increasing trend in the indicators of poverty, illiteracy and child labor, according to a parliamentary report published here today. Investigations were conducted by a special committee created by the consultative members of the Shoura Council (legislature). The quality of public education also showed a worrisome decline.

At the root of President Hosni Mubarak’s speech and the committee mandate at the opening session of the People's Assembly, it was also noted that the population has been forced to make elevated payments for services, to which tariffs for electricity consumption were added.

The report found that the number of road and rail accidents shot up in recent months, despite government promises to modernize this sector of public transport.

It was pointed out that in 2008, there were 22,400 traffic accidents, while last year the figure was 19,200, which led to the loss of one billion and 800 million and two billion and 700 million dollars a year, plus $180 million in insurance payments.

The parliamentary body also called to modernize university education and primary education, and the separation of scientific research departments of the Ministry of Education for their independence, this sphere is to have its own budget.

According to parliamentary sources, a call was also made to implement the recommendations of Mubarak to reform the laws on health and social insurance as well as allowing the private sector to participate in projects of public infrastructure.

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Author`s name Oksana Orlovskaya